Basic Steps to Effective Lead Generation

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For qualitative lead generation use subscription options, email marketing, website optimization, social media, or reach out to a marketing agency.

Depending on your campaign goals, a lead is a potential buyer or a person that has interacted with your ads, social media, or other communication channels. But before you start, find out who your target audience is to address their needs properly.

Marketing Tools

In traditional marketing, there’s a variety of diverse advertising tools for efficient promotion, from email marketing to product placement. In outbound marketing, marketers run massive PPC campaigns which are great, however, such campaigns may appear hard to filter if you’re looking for qualitative leads since there are still situations when businesses focus on quantity rather than quality. Consequently, a campaign would end up inefficient if a target landing page is worse in quality than it is advertised.

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Inbound marketing is a high performer since it targets potential buyers. When you communicate with an interested person, the chances to promote sales are high. By focusing on the interested audience you save your time and money. Examine your website with SEO tools to find weak spots – optimize texts, add images, remove illicit content.

Subscription and Request Forms

Subscriptions and request forms are a must-have for qualitative lead generation. Update your fill-in forms. Make sure your form is not a maze and only has fields useful for your business. Need too many fields? Change wording to polish the quality.

Subscription enables opportunities for lead nurturing. Find out what kind of information about your product your target audience wants and turn it into blog posts and articles with comparisons, infographics and other useful items.

Social Media

Social media are used for direct communication with potential and actual buyers. There’s a number of services helping you track brand mentionings in social media allowing you to communicate with original authors. By doing so you may start a dialogue with potential customers to share your knowledge, experience and opinion. When you know immediately what people think of your product, you get an opportunity to neutralize risky situations or ride the wave by hyping on an interesting topic.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are often undervalued despite the fact that they are extremely cost-effective and may cost as low as 0 dollars if you do all the activities on your own. In email marketing, lead quality depends on how accurately you articulate a proposal and the way you schedule email campaigns, otherwise, all efforts go in vain and emails go directly to spam boxes.

Based on your target audience profile, select a few topics to cover in your email, or split them into several emails to be shared in the future. Put information in readable blocks, add attractive images. Use a mailing service to reach out to a wider audience, or send the email manually within your base. Similarly, you may ask another source or author to send your email to their user base. Special attention should be paid to the source’s reputation and content quality – getting no leads at a high price is less productive than a few leads for small money from a smaller source. To prove their credibility, ask for their email statistics for the last few months.

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be placed on your landing page making visitors browse more on your own source. It increases your website attractiveness for search engines. Most popular places for banner ads are in the header, sidebar and footer of a webpage. If you want to merge ads into the text, it is better to place the banner on the first screen of a webpage so that any page visitor can see it.

Sometimes sources have remnant traffic which you can buy for leads. In this case, you should contact source admins and ask whether you can buy it paying for leads only. Define cost per lead and place your banner in the first screen tagging each banner with markers to trace ads efficiency.

At the end of the day, there are lots of marketing agencies to help you get things done in the best way possible.