Best Examples of Christmas & New Year Brand Marketing Strategies

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We decided to dedicate this article to these great, viral ideas that big brands came up with in recent years for their Christmas marketing strategies.

Christmas and New Year’s is a time to wish all the best to your clients but it is also a great time to point out your company values. Many companies just do regular stuff, put up some Christmas trees, bring in a Santa Clause and many presents and send Christmas and New Year’s greetings, which is ok if you just want to be polite. Others focus too much on how to convert customers into buyers, by offerings sales and discounts. But there are few that put effort into making a really great new Christmas marketing strategy that brings new fans and customers, increases sales and tells their brand story.

We decided to dedicate this article to these great, viral ideas that big brands came up with in recent years as their Christmas marketing strategy. With this, we will address the exact idea you may use to help yourself in forthcoming Christmas activities. We are sure you will enjoy these campaigns, get into the Christmas spirit, and generate a few ideas for your own campaign.

#GiveGood Starbucks

This is a Starbucks project that was launched in 2017. What is it about? They wanted their customers to connect, engage and share by offering gift cards they can write to each other. Also, their famous cups are designed with a lot of white space so people could color and personalize them. The point was that on all these materials people were invited to share pictures on social media with the #givegood hashtag so the whole campaign goes viral.

TIP: Order New Year’s design from an agency and connect holiday spirit with useful content.

#GiveGood Starbucks Christmas campaign launched in 2017

Sleepover Chrismas truck by Coca-Cola

Do you have something unique people recognize you by? If you have it, use it. Coca-Cola did that with their Christmas commercials we’ve all come to expect every winter. They made their truck so famous they decided to use it in a campaign. They created competitions and the fans got a chance to win a sleepover in the famous Christmas truck. This included presents, photos with Santa Clause and much more.

TIP: Create a festive brand identity using the characteristics that your customers love.

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

#wwgiftguide by We Work

This provider of co-working and office spaces made a successful campaign for B2B business. How did they do it? They managed to connect their members by offering their product, and in that way, supporting a community of creators. They published a Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts with a Personal Touch, separated into a few segments: gifts with a personal touch, gifts to get the party started, gifts for families, and gifts for digital nomads. Moreover, they promoted the campaign on social media with #wwgiftguide encouraging people to share what they are gifting this holiday season.

TIP: Always have the principle of sharing in mind when building a campaign, that way you will also get more.

#wwgiftguide Christmas campaign by We Work

Google Santa Tracker

You may think that Google doesn’t need more brand visibility, but it needs it to maintain its reputation as creators and world changers. That is why they use every possible situation to convey that. Google Santa Tracker has been around for a few years now. People are already used to it and it changes depending on the global situation. That is why this year on Google Santa Tracker, Santa is wearing a mask. This is an example of the great way that Google manages to connect holiday wonder and telling stories with new technology.

TIP: Use all your resources and knowledge to create something unique for your Christmas campaign, it will pay off.

Google Santa Tracker

H&M with Coca-cola

Collaboration is a great way to do something new for your brand and attract fans of another brand. And if these two brands are H&M and Coca-Cola this marketing campaign can only be a success story for both. H&M decided to do something new and reach a wider market so they designed clothes with a Coca-Cola print. They called the campaign Adding extra flavour and definitely did it on every level.

TIP: If you decide to do a collaboration, be smart and don’t pick a brand that is much bigger than you are, you don’t want to be invisible. Pick someone with the same values and principles.

H&M and Coca-Cola Christmas Campaign

Whatever your Christmas marketing strategy might be, it’s important to know that you’re going to face a bit of competition. That means that all brands will be looking for a way to sell more. The key to success is learning how to separate yourself from the rest of the companies that want to wish their customers all the best. If you think you have a lot of jobs to do, an agency may always help you with an interesting, interactive Christmas visual identity.