Best FinTech events to visit in 2020

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Best FinTech events to visit in 2020

This is the list of 60+ most interesting and notable Fintech conferences worldwide that you can visit during 2020.

As the software engineering studio proficient in Fintech Industry, UppLabs tries to keep an eye on the most interesting Fintech events and conferences in 2020. There we build our networking, master our skills, listen to interesting case studies and explore brand new industry trends. Upplabs is planning to visit some of the Fintech events below, and if you share our interests, you might find this list quite useful!

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Best Fintech events to visit in 2020

  1. Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2020
    10–12 Feb 2020, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Fintech Week provides direct access to the Israeli ecosystem and makes it possible to meet the key global players and exposure to the very latest ideas, innovations and developments in fintech, helping participants to place their business to stay ahead of the curve.During this event, Upplabs is setting consultation sessions for startups and enterprises who seek for better Fintech solutions and ideas. Find out more at and via +1 3477061110.
  2. FinovateEurope
    11–13 Feb 2020, Berlin, Germany
    The event offers two days of the general session, presenting FinovateEuropes’s 7-minute demos of the latest innovations together with a variety of professional, informative speakers, 64 product demos, one-on-one connections as well as networking.
  3. Future of Finance & CFO Summit Asia 2020
    12–13 Feb 2020, Singapore
    The speakers will present Finance 5.0 and the future of the finance, as well as practical insights on harnessing technology for automation and improved efficiency. There participants can learn new tools and techniques on how to future-proof your finance strategy directly from finance leaders across multiple industries.
  4. Fintech India Expo
    19–21 Feb 2020, New Delhi, India
    Fintech India Expo will explore the financial technology industry and innovations in the field of Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT and Quantum Technologies. The Expo makes it possible for fintech leaders and startups to come together and helps in facilitating collaboration among fintech companies in India.
  5. FINTECH Bridge China-UK Conference
    27 Feb 2020, London, UK
    The FINTECH Bridge China-UK Conference will present the opportunities for organizations from both sides of the bridge to develop their business and find new connections.
  6. ACAMS FinTech Regulatory Summit (ACAMS FinReg Summit)
    04 Mar 2020, San Francisco, USA
    ACAMS FinTech Regulatory Summit focuses on the unique compliance challenges of FinTech organizations while giving practical guidance on building oversight systems that can withstand regulatory scrutiny.
  7. MIT Fintech Conference
    06 Mar 2020, Boston, USA
    MIT Fintech Conference is a student-led event at MIT Sloan School of Management. Their aim is to make MIT and the broader Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem a hub for financial disruption and innovation by building a strong community of students, entrepreneurs, industry practitioners, investors, and more from every part of the Boston community.
  8. Future Digital Finance 2020
    9–10 March, Miami, USA
    This FinTech event is a great way to uncover practical solutions to your challenges during interactive sessions on management, personalization, digital optimization, AI/ML, fintech partnerships, and much more. There you can explore actionable insights directly from industry leaders, disruptors, and fintech founders.
  9. MoneyLive Spring 2020
    10–11 March 2020, Madrid, Spain

    The event will describe various topics from the way PSD2 legislation will impact the payments landscape to perfecting customer experiences. MoneyLIVE speakers will offer their answers to some of the biggest challenges in banking and payments.
  10. Bengaluru Fintech Summit
    12–13 Mar 2020, Bengaluru, India
    Bengaluru Fintech Summit brings together preeminent thought leaders from India and around the world for days of non-stop and thought-provoking keynotes and panel discussions. This a wonderful opportunity for Fintech enthusiasts from around the world to meet and network with Market leaders, Government, regulators, startup ecosystems, influencers, and institutional investors.
  11. InfoSec Finance Connect 2020
    15–17 March 2020, San Diego, USA
    This exclusive invite-only event for cybersecurity leaders that can learn the latest, most successful finance, and insurance strategies. Here participants could get answers to their biggest challenges with peer to peer mentorship programs.
  12. Annual Family Office Fintech Summit
    17 Mar 2020, New York, USA
    Annual Family Office Fintech Summit is a forum for discussion and sharing of best practices and real-life examples about which technologies and tools family offices and HNW wealth managers are adopting to improve operational efficiency.
  13. BankTech Asia
    17–18 Mar 2020, Makati, Philippines
    BankTech Asia is a strategic platform to discuss new ideas and the latest technology available. Here participants can gain in-depth insights on digital transformation, payment and retail technology, compliance and security from industry leaders, regulators, bankers, market disruptors and solution providers.
  14. Fintech & Blockchain Conference Bangalore (F & B Conference)
    20 Mar 2020, Bengaluru, India
    Fintech & Blockchain Conference is a platform to learn applications of Blockchain in management, industry, engineering, administration, and education, as well as evaluations of existing Finance systems and tools and their economic, social, and cultural impact.
  15. Fintech & Funding Conference (FFCON)
    23–24 Mar 2020, Toronto, Canada
    FFCON is a must-attend event focused on Raising Capital, Blockchain Technology and Alternative Investing, uncovering and celebrating the rising stars and who’s who of fintech, blockchain, and alternative finance.
  16. Seamless Fintech
    25–26 Mar 2020, Dubai, UAE
    Seamless Fintech will bring together the entire G2B/C, B2B and B2C BSFI eco-system of investors to discuss, debate and evaluate an international showcase of products and services, and will also tackle the biggest challenges such as driving financial inclusion, RoboAdvisors, Wealth Tech, Reg Tech, InsuTech, A.I., customer experience and engagement.
  17. FinTech, RegTech and Cryptoassets Seminar
    26 — Fri, 27 Mar 2020, Trier, Germany
    FinTech, RegTech and Cryptoassets Seminar will cover areas like how artificial intelligence and Big Data are transforming the scope and modus operandi of financial supervision and financial compliance, distributed ledger technology and its legal implications for businesses.
  18. Women in FinTech Summit London
    31 Mar 2020, London, UK
    Women in FinTech Summit London focuses on discovering the latest challenges, progressions, and impacts from the world’s leading female innovators across industry, research and the financial sector.
  19. Empire FinTech Conference (Empire Startups)
    01 Apr 2020, New York, USA
    The conference offers to meet many discussions from those forging new trails in payments, blockchain, lending, robo-advisors, insurance tech, real estate and more. This conference also plays host to the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups.
  20. Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference
    04 Apr 2020, Princeton, USA

    The Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference cover subjects ranging from high-frequency algorithmic trading and statistical arbitrage to model construction and validation. It also provides a unique opportunity for leaders and students in quant trading related fields to directly interact.
  21. Seamless Fintech
    06–08 Apr 2020, Johannesburg, South Africa
    The conference brings together some of the most interesting and revolutionary technologies which are transforming transactions across retail banking, institutional and corporate banking, insurance and lending.
  22. Future Blockchain Summit
    07–08 Apr 2020, Dubai, UAE

    Future Blockchain Summit is the official Blockchain event of Smart Dubai and is bringing together global enterprises, blockchain startups and government entities at the summit to make this dream a reality.
  23. FinTech South
    20–21 Apr 2020, Atlanta, USA

    FinTech South attracts international companies and speakers across multiple industries and is an opportunity to engage with more than 1500 international FinTech executives generating $72B in revenues and processing over $118B transactions annually.
  24. UK Fintech Week
    20–24 Apr 2020, London, UK
    This five-day FinTech event is going to be a tour de force of financial innovation and collaboration, attended by FinTech founders, institutions, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, policymakers, politicians, academics, and media from all over the world.
  25. AVCJ Private Equity and Venture Forum Indonesia
    21 Apr 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia
    AVCJ Private Equity and Venture Forum Indonesia is a forerunner for the private markets industry and a place where the most influential international investors and Indonesian industry leaders come together to exchange ideas and catch up on the latest trends affecting the industry
  26. Canadian Fintech Summit
    21–23 Apr 2020, Toronto, Canada
    Canadian Fintech Summit is a platform to discover the latest trends and technologies from the best minds in Fintech and AI. The participant can get to know about integrating financial services into applications and services they use every day.
  27. Bank+Fintech
    Tue, 21 — Thu, 23 Apr 2020, Berlin, Germany
    Bank+Fintech will discover Efma’s pick of first-rate Bank + Fintech partnerships in the industry today, and learn from their best practices to drive successful collaborations within your own organization. Among the topics will be Asian banks and big techs reinventing financial services, as well as the best practices in banking ecosystems and marketplaces.
  28. Fintech Americas
    22 — Fri, 24 Apr 2020, Miami, USA
    Fintech Americas will cover areas like discuss the opportunities and challenges of disruptive technology facing the financial sector in Latin America.
  29. Africa Trade and Investment Convention (ATAIC)
    Thu, 23–24 Apr 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    The Objectives of the conference is to promote and facilitate international trade between Africa with Europe, Asia, and North America as well as to facilitate foreign direct investment into Africa, and provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets.
  30. FinConf 2020
    24 Apr 2020, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina
    At this fifth annual FinTech event, private sector executives and representatives of regulatory agencies will explore the future of financial services as well as key challenges and opportunities in the Balkans.
  31. LendIt Fintech USA
    13–14 May 2020, New York, USA
    LendIt Fintech USA will provide the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights into A roadmap for finding the next billion with machine learning, FinTech partnerships to improve lives, Beyond the hype.
  32. FinTech Addis Exhibition and Forum (Finacial Technology Expo)
    20–21 May 2020, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    The expo is expected to attract top-notch innovators, new Digital banking systems, Cyber, Technology infrastructures, Financial consultants, potential investors, and many other FinTech stakeholders.
  33. East Africa Fintech Summit
    21 May 2020. Nairobi, Kenya
    The East Africa Fintech Summit will provide the attendees with the opportunity to indulge in a two-day event that will provide a great opportunity to learn New Innovative Ideas and Information, learn about New Technologies impacting the FSI Sector and how they can better Improve Financial Services.
  34. Africa Tech Summit London (ATS London)
    22 May 2020, London, UK
    Africa Tech Summit London will provide unrivaled insight, networking and business opportunities for African and international tech leaders and investors. Africa Tech Summit will connect tech ventures, investors, corporations, and entrepreneurs to drive business and investment forward.
  35. Copenhagen Fintech Week
    25–29 May 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Copenhagen Fintech Week will feature attendees from all continents. Here participants can take part in sharing insights with international speakers from different countries, join panels tackling hot Tech topics, meet fantastic fintech startups showcasing and pitching on stage.
  36. EU-Startups Summit (EUSS)
    28 — Fri, 29 May 2020, Barcelona, Spain
    The EU-Startups Summit is the annual event that gathers over 1,500 founders, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs, and media from across Europe. The participants can chat with famous Internet entrepreneurs and much more.
  37. Fintech Generations
    03–04 Jun 2020, Charlotte, USA
    Fintech Generations has featured some of the top speakers from around the world addressing emerging fintech topics such as the growing fintech ecosystem in the Southeast US.
  38. Canadian Conference on Fintech, Insurtech & Financial Services Innovation (FinteQC)
    10 — Thu, 11 Jun 2020, Québec, Canada
    FinteQC is a unique annual event that brings together researchers, executives, practitioners, start-ups, and experts around the topics of financial technology (Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech) and innovation in Financial Services.
  39. Future of Fintech
    14–16 Jun 2020, San Francisco, USA
    Future of Fintech will feature fintech industry influencers for 2+ days of insights and connections that will have a lasting impact on the business. It will feature two additional general session stages — one focused on the Future of Insurance and another on the Future of Wealth.
  40. Amsterdam Fintech Forum
    19 Jun 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam Fintech Forum will discuss how slowly many of the incumbent banks are with regards to transformation and digitalization as well as reasons why so many approvals needed before and during implementation.
  41. Fintech & Blockchain Conference
    19 Jun 2020, Seattle, USA
    The Fintech & Blockchain Conference will focus on the conference sessions and the leading experts from the blockchain and financial space will elaborate on the uses of technology to improve activities in finance and will focus on developments in Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Fintech.
  42. Fintech Summit
    17 — Sat, 20 Jun 2020, Valencia, Spain
    Fintech Summit offers learning about the latest FinTech advancements and implementation and how they will benefit banking, insurance, financing advisory and cross-point support. The Webit.fintech summit gathers top-level experts from Europe and around the world and aims to discuss the implementation of technology in the world of finance and payments.
  43. BC Insights: FinTech
    24 Jun 2020, London, UK
    FinTech will be a conference that explores how the demand in the tech sector for better usability, more speed, and increased safety is being applied to business and personal finance. It will provide the attendees with the opportunity to hear from the disrupters and the disrupted alike, and their roles in the future of transparent, real-time and universal FinTech.
    23–25 Jun 2020, Abuja, Nigeria
    Digital Africa Conference and Exhibition is Africa’s premier consumer technology that provides the perfect platform to showcase your brand and enhance your reputation. It presents to its participants a major opportunity for unrivalled networking and privileged access to strategic partners, investors and potential buyers.
  45. FinTech Design Summit (FDS)
    25 Jun 2020, New York, USA
    FinTech Design Summit pulls together the world’s most innovative FinTech companies, to talk about Product Design, UX and Strategy. Here participants can create a dialogue within the FS community, in order to accelerate the digital transformation of their financial services for generations to come.
  46. London Fintech Week
    03 — Wed, 08 Jul 2020, London, UK
    The London Fintech Week event brings together the Fintech sector in London and beyond to discuss the latest developments in Fintech. Delegates come from around the globe to engage in one of the world’s leading financial ecosystems.
  47. National FinTech Conference (NFC)
    12 Aug 2020, Toronto, Canada
    National FinTech Conference, the Digital Finance Institute delivers thought-provoking content and leading speakers who are moving the dial and innovating on a global scale. They attract the newest tech talent and bring stakeholders together to learn, network and to support the industry.
  48. Kenya Financial Inclusion, Banking & FinTech Conference
    19–21 Aug 2020, Nairobi, Kenya
    Kenya Financial Inclusion, Banking & FinTech Conference is an event that brings together leaders and financial service-related companies and stakeholders to deliberate on programs, challenges, and opportunities in building a more inclusive financial future.
  49. Swiss Fintech Fair
    08 Sep 2020, Zürich, Switzerland
    Swiss Fintech Fair is Switzerland’s one and only Fintech tradeshow which discusses with fintech drivers, network with inspiring people of the digital community, visit fintech exhibitors, provides interesting talks and sessions.
  50. Future 20/20 Conference
    10 Sep 2020, Mumbai, India
    The event offers the opportunity to discuss advancements, challenges, innovations, and solutions to propel the growth trajectory of emerging businesses. The participants will create a growth-affirming narrative to motivate the rapid organizational evolution and emphasize the centrality of innovation.
  51. The U.S. Fintech Symposium
    14 — Tue, 15 Sep 2020, Chicago, USA
    Fintech Symposium provides an educational agenda that places an emphasis on practical fintech solutions. One of its goals is to foster multidisciplinary conversations so attendees can gain a greater understanding of fintech capabilities and challenges.
  52. SA Innovation Summit (SAIS)
    16 — Fri, 18 Sep 2020, Cape Town, South Africa
    SA Innovation Summit will connect with the most influential people in the startup ecosystem, build entrepreneurial capacity through know-how, explore funding opportunities through the Match & Invest platform.
  53. Fintech Conference
    23 Sep 2020, Liechtenstein
    This conference aims to foster the knowledge about financial technology and anchor the topic area in the financial center and create a platform that allows the exchange of knowledge between traditional and well-established businesses in the financial- as well as insurance sector and newly founded companies.
  54. LendIt Fintech Europe
    23–24 Sep 2020, London, UK
    LendIt Fintech Europe gathers fintech leaders to connect and reimagine the future of finance. The participant can attend 50+ sessions from industry pioneers pushing the boundaries of lending, digital banking, fintech, and paytech innovation.
  55. Bangladesh Smart City Expo (SmartCity Expo)
    24 — Sat, 26 Sep 2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    The expo will feature main aspects that needed to settle up a smart city includes Urban Planning, IoT, Fintech, Smart Device, Sustainable Development, Cyber Security, Environment, Smart Energy, Construction & Technology.
  56. Seamless-Payments, Banking and Fintech
    12 — Tue, 13 Oct 2020, Nairobi, Kenya
    Seamless-Payments, Banking and Fintech brings together more than 1500 payments, banking and fintech professionals to Nairobi from across 45 countries. The audience consists of 83 percent decision-makers and influencers and is represented by all major banks in East Africa.
  57. FinTech & Blockchain
    14 — Fri, 16 Oct 2020, Koto, Japan
    FinTech & Blockchain will provide opportunities for financial institutions and startups, new entrants and startups, startups and startups, and encourage the creation of advanced financial services that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.
  58. Kuwait Financial Technology Conference & Exhibition (FinTech)
    20 — Thu, 22 Oct 2020, Salwa, Kuwait
    Kuwait Financial Technology Conference & Exhibition is designed for the financial services and innovation community and seeks to showcase the latest financial technology thought leadership.
  59. World Blockchain Summit — Dubai (WBS Dubai)
    21 — Thu, 22 Oct 2020, Dubai, UAE
    World Blockchain Summit Dubai will gather 500+ pre-qualified delegates including CEOs, International Blockchain Experts, Governments, Investors & Startups at the conference to discuss the adoption of cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology.
  60. FinTech World Forum
    29–30 October 2020, London, UK
    FinTech World Forum will feature the future of the fintech sector, blockchain impact on fintech market, open banking era; emerging opportunities in payments and lending, payments future with ai, biometrics and cryptos, exploring the role of wearables and IoT in fintech solutions, etc.
  61. The Toronto Fintech Conference
    05–06 Nov 2020, Toronto, Canada
    The Toronto Fintech Conference is an event where scholars in the fields of strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, organization theory, finance, and economics can discuss their research on the rise, diffusion, and disruptive potential of financial technologies.
  62. Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)
    09 — Fri, 13 Nov 2020, Singapore
    Singapore FinTech Festival is the largest Financial Technology event in the world, providing a platform for the FinTech community to connect, collaborate and co-create.
  63. Fintech Inn 2020
    25–28 Nov 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Fintech Inn 2020 is the largest and most significant international Fintech conference in the Baltic region. Fintech Inn is a forum, where established companies, startups, investors, associations, policymakers and technology leaders from over 60 countries gather together to exchange knowledge and discuss the challenges facing the industry today.
  64. Swiss Fintech Investor Day
    30 Nov 2020, Zürich, Switzerland
    Swiss Fintech Investor Day is the event for angel investors, family offices, venture capitalists and corporate ventures that want to invest in fintech startups and also for aspiring investors that can learn from the sessions provided before the pitching sessions.

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