Best Mobile App Development Programming Languages

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The best programming languages for mobile app development help in making quality mobile applications.

The leading programming languages for mobile app development help in crafting quality smart applications. These computer languages build user targeted mobile apps that work seamlessly. With global emphasis on mobile applications increasing day by day, the science behind designing and programming of aspects of this domain has significantly evolved.

The majority of customers prefer companies with mobile apps. Even the most popular search engine, Google, has moved to mobile-first indexing due to this changed paradigm. Mobile and online presence gives B2B and B2C companies companies competitive advantage against their offline rivals. IT firms offering quality custom mobile app development services and having adequate experience of deployed robust apps are ideal for organizations looking to go mobile.

Best Programming Languages for Quality Mobile Application Development

These are the most popular computer languages for mobile app development in use globally, for crafting fully user-focused mobile applications.

  • Java
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • C++
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Kotlin

Let’s examine the high demand mobile development languages that the global developer community has regard for coding successful mobile applications.


After its inception in 1995, Java is one of the most prevailing computer languages that has been utilized in all programming areas globally. Its common uses involve desktop programs, web services, android apps, and back-end services. Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the developed system functions steadily and is very flexible. It enables programmers to write error-free code in a short time. As of August 2018, with over 7 million active software developers, Java is arguably the most used computer programming language around the world.


Launched in 2004, Swift is the officially designated computer language for iOS, iPadOS, and other Apple Inc. proprietary operating systems. Swift has 2.3 million active developers as of August 2018. Most famous for iOS/iPadOS apps, Swift is also used for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications.


Introduced in 1984, Objective-C is an object-oriented computer language that is best for general-purpose application usage. Objective C was the main programming language of Apple Inc. powered operating systems like iOS and iPadOS, before being replaced by Swift. Regardless of the official status withdrawal, Objective-C has 1.8 million active programmers as of August 2018.


As a high-level computer language, JavaScript has support for object-oriented, multi-pattern and functional programming. The only issue with JavaScript is that it must be utilized with HTML, CSS, and Ajax. However, JavaScript overcomes this drawback by allowing the development of Android, iOS, hybrid and Windows mobile applications. JavaScript has the most active developers with 10.7 million (including CoffeeScript and TypeScript programmers), as of August 2018.


Widely used for Web and Mobile App Development, HTML5 is the HTML language’s modern version. It is the new favorite computer language of the developers community and is commonly utilized for making iOS and Android apps. Its main features involve quick deployment, multi-platform functionality and multimedia support. HTML5 is highly flexible and offers seamless app development experience for consumers.


C++ is the first touch-point for technology undergrads and junior programmers, being a powerful object-oriented computer language that provides low-level memory manipulation and other high-level features. Its focus is on offering inheritance and classes along-with enriched debugging experience. It also facilitates in making Android, iOS and Windows apps.


Since its launch in 1995, PHP has been a prominent programming language. It is a back-end computer language that was introduced by Zend Technologies. PHP started as a scripting language for making websites. It is now used for general-purpose programming including crafting web-based solutions and mobile apps. PHP helps in the development of flawless graphical user interfaces and even the making of Facebook apps. It is great tool for companies for their expansion in the digital world.


An important member of the .NET Framework, C# is an object-oriented programming language that was introduced by Microsoft in 2000. As a multi-purpose programming language, C Sharp is utilized for the development of a wide range of programs involving server-side apps, web services, mobile apps, games, etc. Through the Xamarin platform, C# has become one of the prominent programming languages for mobile app development on both Android and iOS fronts.


First coming to the fore in 1990, Python is a favorite in the programming world as the front-runner for big data, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) themed applications. It offers agility and higher user experience to the consumers. For the advantage of the programmers, Python has an English look-alike syntax that is easy for even beginner-level developers to learn. Mobile developers are using Python to code mobile apps with frameworks like Kivy and BeeWare.


Launched in 1995, Ruby is one of the computer languages that are favorites for beginners, as it offers flexibility in coding. Widely used for web development, Ruby has a very strong developer community that always takes pleasure in supporting newcomer coders with any problems incurred during a programming excursion. Ruby on Rails is a web framework that facilitates developers in making very robust websites and web applications. Ruby is nowadays being employed for mobile application development through the means of the frameworks like RubyMotion and Rhodes.


Although not as famous as its other programming language counterparts for mobile app development, Kotlin is a highly understandable computer language that is compatible with Java. This is a rather new language which was introduced in 2011 by JetBrains. It is slowly gaining momentum with a core emphasis on the mobile app development area. Since May 2019, Google has termed Kotlin as the preferred programming language for Android app development.

Final Thoughts

Companies and the selected IT firms have to deliberate about which mobile development languages are the perfect fit for the project. One of the important decisions to make upfront is whether to make the Native (iOS & Android) or hybrid mobile applications. Techliance is proudly serving companies worldwide with high expertise in mobile application development. Discuss with Techliance about the programming language best suited for your mobile app endeavor and get a free quotation for the solution.