Best Sites to Hire Freelance Developers in 2021

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Here Are The Top 7 Sites to Find A Developer

There are countless freelancing sites where you can hire a developer. But spending resources on scrutinizing and shortlisting all is tiresome. So we made your work easier with this list of top credible freelancing platforms to post web developer jobs.


Upwork is arguably the largest global community of freelancers offering a wide variety of services. Software developer jobs are also in rising demand on the platform, which attracts talented individuals. There are three ways you can hire developers on Upwork. One is simply posting software developer jobs on the platform and hiring a developer by comparing bids.

Apart from that, you can also buy full-fledged projects from Upwork, which are completed by developers. If you’re new to the platform or have a specialized requirement in mind, you can also opt for Talent Scouts. These are hiring experts Upwork assigns to you who can find and hire a web developer for you.

Although Upwork has a large pool of freelance developers, the quality-assurance might be an issue. The platform doesn’t have any solid screening process to qualify freelancers who can apply to web developer jobs.


Dice is a popular job board made specifically for hiring tech and IT professionals. With over 60 million searchable professionals, Dice is a large community of talented techies looking for the next big project. You can post jobs on the platform to hire a developer or let their team do the heavy lifting for you.

In terms of quality, Dice is on par with the set standards because of its two-fold screening process. The platform has automatic fraud detection tools and profile screening, which ensures a database of 97% confirmed self-represented developers. It makes the entire process quite easier for businesses looking for on-demand tech talent.

However, you might need to rethink Dice in terms of the hiring cost involved. Listing a single job posting on the platform can cost you around $400. But this cost is reasonable given the quality of candidates you get. It will take you around 40 days of standard time to hire a developer from Dice. So, you also need to consider the urgency of the project.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has been a trusted community of qualified tech professionals for over 12 years. Trusted by names like eBay, McKinsey, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs, it’s a great platform to hire website developers on contract. It’s also a good platform for businesses to gain much exposure and build an employer brand in the tech world.

On Stack Overflow, you can hire developers for various roles, both generic & specialized. It includes full-stack developers, back-end developers, or front-end developers skilled in Python, Django, Java, Kotlin, and much more. It’s less expensive and time-consuming to find developers on sites like Stack Overflow, as compared to generic freelance job boards like Upwork.

Stack Overflow also lets you connect your job listing directly to your career page. It increases the visibility of your business and helps you attract the best talent. You can also create a team of developers for free, depending on your project requirement.


Onbench is not like your regular freelance job boards but arguably one of the most convenient ways to hire a developer for short-term projects. The platform connects you with companies (referred to as suppliers) who have an excess of tech professionals sitting on the bench. You can hire a developer from their team on a contract basis by directly collaborating with the company.

You can find and hire website developers with parameters like skill, experience level, location, and no. of members. You do not need to register with Onbench until after you’ve selected potential candidates for your project. Once you’ve found the right match, you can register and get in touch with the company.

You can create projects for the suppliers anonymously to get proposals. It includes your requirements for the kind of team members you’re looking for & the amount. Later, you can choose to show your company’s info to the team you have selected.

One advantage of the platform is that it doesn’t charge anything and all transactions will directly be between you and the company. Another benefit of this process is that you get a pool of candidates who have already been rigorously screened by their permanent employer.


Toptal is a talent matching platform with a large pool of highly skilled developers available for contractual work. It boasts of a world-class screening process that ensures only exceptional tech talent makes it through. The platform has a trademark system for screening all the applicants for web developer jobs. As claimed by the company, only the top 3% of all applicants pass their technical tests and the vetting process.

The Toptal team also supports you with experienced industry professionals who help you understand your requirements. Based on your needs, they match you with the perfect developer in as little as 24 hours. Thus, you do not need to do the tiresome legwork of initially screening the candidates to hire a developer.

What’s more? It’s one of the few platforms that offer a ‘no pay’ trial period with the hired developers. It gives both you and the developer to test whether you’re the right fit. If you approve of the professional after the trial, you’ll need to pay the platform some charges. You can hire developers from Toptal for various skills including but not limited to Java, Android, Angular, AWS, WordPress, C++, and more.