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360 Agency Berlin


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Truth in advertising shouldn’t be so rare. But with every brand and their parent conglomerate claiming to be eco-friendly, the world needs agencies like the May 2022 agency of the month, 360 Agency Berlin. 360 Agency Berlin takes a “no BS” approach to advertising. As the first advertising agency in the world to help primarily sustainable and ethical brands across the world, 360 Agency Berlin is redefining success for an agency/brand partnership.

As stated in their company manifesto “In 2014, 360 Agency Berlin thought that it was time for a structural change in the advertising industry and that profit could no longer be the main KPI to measure success.” The result was an agency that asks its clients to fulfill three criteria:

We look at the brands’ respect for international labor rights and their environmental impact by looking into their certifications and by asking about production origins and standards. We also look at the brand Corporate social responsibility parameters they have in place before to identify if they compile with all requisites and identify if we can fully support the brand messaging. We strongly believe that the agency is accountable for the message they issue and deliver, therefore we take full responsibility for the brands, and initiatives we promote.

Their work has gained them a reputation as THE people to spread sustainable messaging in Europe.  That’s why they were chosen by the European Commission to raise awareness on the environmental and social consequences of the fast fashion industry in this campaign:

The Beyond Your Clothes Campaign

Check out the 360 Agency Berlin profile on TDA to see if your brand ethos aligns with the 360 Agency Berlin values, and hire them for your next project. We’re confident you’ll not only be happy with the work, but you’ll be happy to be associated with an agency that’s leading the charge toward a better future for the business.

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