Agency of the Month – Division 4 Vision

Our September Agency of the Month is Division 4 Vision. Choosing them was a no brainer and we’re sure once you read more about them you will think the same!


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 A bit more about Division 4 Vision…

September’s agency of the month is Division 4 Vision! They are an innovative company from Croatia with a global focus. When we say global, we really mean global –  their projects span from Australia to the US. 🌎

This agency offers a wide range of services including app design, marketing, branding, web design, and development. Additionally, they have expertise in the Google Cloud platform, JavaScript, PHP, WooCommerce, and WordPress.

Adidas, Reebok, City Center One, Intersport, and Pan-Pek are just a few of the strong companies on their client list.

Have you heard of the Adidas Forum High Jugoplastika sneakers? They were created to honor the legendary basketball club from Split, Croatia. Division 4 Vision has launched a dedicated website for these sneakers. If you want to refresh your memory or see their cool work, you check it out on the link here.


If you’re more interested in seeing their event marketing skills, check out their project for Lagermax.

P.S. In case you live in Rijeka and have visited Adidas recently, you might have noticed their campaign for the new COLD.RDY collection!

Want more proof of their awesome work? Here are some of our favorite case studies!

30 Years of Pan-Pek

Croatians, we are fairly certain that once a week you buy something from Pan-Pek or at least walk by it. Well if you think about it more, you will remember their new design for 30 years of Pan-Pek, and can you guess who made it? Division 4 Vision! 

Pan-Pek wanted a simple design and simplified logotype. It needed to be sophisticated, yet powerful and noticeable. Division 4 Vision had a great idea, they wanted to familiarize themselves with their client, so in the mornings they would go and get their pastries to get more inspired. And of course, they succeeded. They got the idea to create the logotype with a clear typographic element that would complete Pan-Pek’s current logo. You can check out the full case study here

Rebranding of the Adidas Store in Rijeka

Along with their expertise in in-store marketing, app design projects, and website development, they also had some rebranding projects.

The Adidas store in Rijeka needed a change, so Division 4 Vision had a task to change the store’s branding, concept, and all of the detailed design – from pure branding to decorating the shop windows. They needed to refresh the store but stay in line with the brand’s very high standards.

Thinking outside of the box, they decided to localize the store but keep it in Adidas guidelines. They collaborated with a local artist who created original illustrations depicting symbols of Rijeka within brand guidelines. After they finished in-store rebranding, they started to develop promotional campaigns for the store opening.

When we recount the amount of fun they had, you’ll regret not being there! They participated in a sports-themed treasure hunt with the Visitors of Tower Center Rijeka. The goal was to locate checkpoints scattered across floors and scan QR codes within a tight time limit.

Thanks to their assistance, this little shop now has its own unique tale to tell!

Read more about this case study here, and next time you are in Rijeka visit the store to see this creative rebrand from your own perspective.

Division 4 Vision published six case studies on our platform in September. To view them all, click on this link.


If you’re looking to hire Division 4 Vision or another agency that better suits your needs, contact us and we will make it happen!

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