Agency of the Month – Percept

Agency of the Month – Percept


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It’s time to announce TDA’s Agency of the Month for May – Percept!

Percept is a full-service branding design and creative agency based in Sydney, Australia. Percept offers everything you need to transform your brand: from concepts and graphic design for product packaging, as well as strategies for effective messaging, all the way to digital marketing campaigns and website design. With more than twenty years of experience, Percept is truly the branding agency to look out for.

From Percept’s many excellent case studies, we’ve picked their most recent projects for you to check out below.

Case Study: Brand Design by Percept

Project Objective

The project’s goal was to rebrand the Australian government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE). Percept’s main challenge was making sure that this new direction resonated with the diverse people of the DESE and that it represented the core values of the organization.


With a bold and colorful brand design, Percept highlighted the idea of unity borne out of diversity. Simple shapes were used to evoke the principal mission of the organization and the broader Australian government: embracing different perspectives and working together in order to make a difference.

Case Study: Branding Project for a New Restaurant in Sydney

Project Objective

The objective was to build an all-encompassing brand for a modern restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney, a stylish area known for its cultural and culinary scene. In order to create a stand-out experience, the client required a unique branding solution that represented their vision, which focused on the astonishing balance and connections between different animals and plants on Earth.


Percept created a naming solution that perfectly encapsulates the client’s philosophy: Fauna. The emphasis on the abundance and variety of life was paired with out-of-the-box collages combining animal and plant life, as well as a dynamic visual identity that evokes movement, evolution, and the circle of life itself.

Looking to hire a top-notch agency like Percept for your branding project? Contact us with your project needs, and we’ll sort out the details.

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