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Red Graphic


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Red Graphic started as an advertising agency in the early 90s just after its home country of Estonia gained independence. But “advertising agency” doesn’t quite cover what they do today. Since 2006 Red Graphic has been known as an interactive agency, focusing on “interactivity and communication with people and brands.”

To do this, the Red Graphic team starts with strategy, researching the market, auditing brands, and developing insights based on the data they gather. Only after the strategic work is done, the creative work begins. But when it does, look out because the Red Graphic creative team brings their proverbial A-game to every engagement. Take, for example, their naming, logo, and visual identity project for ceramics maker Tania Vorozhun. Playing with Estonian slang for “cute room” the Red Graphic team christened the brand NUUNUU RUUM.


The new name began appearing on everything that came out of the studio, including the ceramics themselves, thus creating a fully-integrated brand/product.

While their NUUNUU RUUM work is tactile and brilliant, Red Graphic is known for their digital design for digital brands. Their identity work for the Silicon Valley-based voice marketing platform, Instreamatic shows off their ability to make the invisible visual.

Instreamatic Visual Communication

Working with Instreamatic to convey the character and personality of the brand with colors, images, and type, Red Graphic was able to build a visual system that tied together all of the varied ways their client uses audio into one unified voice (pun intended).

Want to see what Red Graphic can do for your brand? Visit their TDA profile here.

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