AI Startup Mindsmiths Partners With TDA

The people who help you get your digital projects done, TDA, are teaming up with the people who help you get smarter and more efficient with artificial intelligence, Mindsmiths.


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If you have been waiting for AI to get easier so you can get into it, the wait is over. TDA brings you Mindsmiths, the experts who make AI easier.

Mindsmiths is on a mission to bridge the gap between organic and synthetic intelligence and they want to bring this technology to TDA’s clients and agencies. The Mindsmiths team is a group of experts in technology and human behavior, focusing mostly on various tools from the field of AI to get the job done. Still, their core focus is human beings, with all of their fears, motivations, emotions, skills and capabilities. Their aim is to transform various areas of life and work by delivering a human-level of care and attention to millions with the help of AI.

That’s an ambitious set of goals…and we love it. It’s just the kind of go-getter spirit that pervades not only TDA, but the clients and agencies we work with. From the brand new startups with small websites and big ideas to the scrappy digital agencies who are primed to shake up the status quo and compete with the old-school agency behemoths, we’re with the ambitious ones.

We’re bringing Mindsmiths to our clients and agencies because they’re democratizing the complex, high-tech world of artificial intelligence making AI available to all. The Mindsmiths team can rightsize their AI systems to match the client’s needs, so there is no company to small (or too big) to get value out of Mindsmiths’ AI systems.

We’re proud to bring this amazing service to you. Want to learn more about what Mindsmiths can do for your business? Check out the links below:

As always, we’re here to help. If you’ve got questions about working with Mindsmiths or want to learn more about working with them just ask in the chat on the bottom right of your screen.

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