Get all your KPIs in one place. Use the TDA platform to automatically generate progress reports regularly for your digital projects. We’ve got all of the suitable KPIs so you can trust that the TDA platform will deliver professional reports that are sure to make an impression.

Businesses with digital projects such as digital projects (marketing, web design, app development, etc.) who use several agencies and can’t be bothered to keep track of all those different subcontractors’ work can run their projects through the platform and get regular updates from their agencies on overall activities. This includes task completion, objective accomplishment, and milestone achievement.

Project Creation with Platform Generated Contracts

These tasks, objectives, and milestones are all covered in the TDA platform’s proprietary contract generation and customization tools. These tools ensure that clients and service providers negotiate equitable agreements that result in high-quality outcomes being achieved in an efficient manner. Choose from contract templates for projects from web design, to app development, to social media marketing, to search engine optimization, to public relations, and a wide range of other commonly outsourced project types. TDA’s contract template includes KPIs, SMART goals, and project milestones giving businesses a framework for their project that both the client and the service provider can use to manage the project to successful completion. 

Project Management, Status, and Assessment Tools

With the TDA platform say goodbye to disruptive unplanned check-in phone calls. No more urgent emails to your service provider requesting a progress report. Clients get ongoing, always up-to-date information on the progress of their project on the TDA platform. The platform’s project management tools let service providers upload their latest changes and update their progress in real-time. This gives clients a birdseye view of the entire project and alerts both clients and service providers to any potential issues that need their attention. In this way, clients can look ahead and give proper notification to decision-makers about any problems or bottlenecks that can negatively affect the project timeline.

All throughout the project, businesses track their experience on the platform, taking note of both successes and areas for improvement. As the project timeline draws to a close this information is then packaged up by the platform into a final project feedback report that is used by both clients and service providers. Clients can store a record of their experience to help them assess the service provider’s capabilities to take on new projects in the future. Service providers can use the feedback as the basis for a case study which, in turn, they can publish as content on the TDA platform and display on their TDA profile for prospective clients to review. 

Platform Managed Payments

Businesses get these reporting and monitoring tools with no out-of-pocket cost, by using the TDA platform to disburse compensation to their contractors and subcontractors. Using the platform, clients remit payments to TDA. TDA manages compensation, along with handling any taxation requirements, in line with contract stipulations for a minimal fee. This allows businesses to pay contractors without fear of costly complications that arise in these situations. Once the agency fee is negotiated, businesses get the peace of mind of knowing that making payments through the TDA platform makes back office processes effortless, unambiguous, and free of complications.

Using Project Management

End-to-end project management is a part of the entire TDA ecosystem, an all-in-one platform for digital projects. Businesses can find service providers to contract for their digital projects using TDA’s briefing, pitching, and hiring process. Once a client has found their service provider, they can seamlessly transition to managing their project using the platform. In addition, clients who already have a service provider picked out can create a register to use the TDA platform to manage their projects and disburse payments to their service providers through TDA. No matter where you start, TDA is here to assist you in making your digital project a success.

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