The Service Design Experts at Prokotip Partners with TDA

The new partnership with Prokotip opens professional service design opportunities to TDA member businesses.


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TDA brings yet another top-notch company into its roster of partner organizations with the introduction of Prokotip. Prokotip is the first Service Design company in Croatia and one of the first in the region.

Working with Prokotip, TDA members will be able to hire Service Design consultants who listen to clients and their users in order to create the most feasible solution for their business.

The key to Prokotip’s research is always listening to the voice of your customers, that’s why they like to call themself a ”Third-party with a bird’s-eye view on your business”. They do this by starting with the first and golden rule – research. They try to get to know your customers as much as possible with empathy user interviews, desk research, and field research (observation). After that first and most important step, they gather information through various tools and create synthesized visual conclusions which they like to do in form of workshops with key stakeholders so they can participate in transforming gathered information into feasible and implementable ideas. After the prototype has been created, they start testing and adapting solutions based on users’ feedback. Last but not least they create high-fidelity briefs and functional specifications of the solution that clients can then incorporate into their business model!

And the result? The result is always closely tied with the information gathered in the process of the project and in form of a solution tailored to the client’s capabilities and the needs of their customers.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer you this fantastic service. Want to find out more about what Prokotip can do for your company? Take a look at the following links:

As always, we’re here to help. If you’ve got questions about working with Prokotip or want to learn more about working with them just ask in the chat on the bottom right of your screen!

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