Farm Management Software Agrivi Partners With TDA

Award-winning farm management software AGRIVI partners with TDA


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We’ve teamed up with AGRIVI to help even the most traditional industries make their digital transformations.

When we think of digitizing business processes, we often think of industries that have already become digital. However, AGRIVI is bringing an entirely digital business strategy to an industry where digital technology is, perhaps, least expected, agriculture. AGRIVI is an ag-tech company that serves farmers (enterprise farms and small independent farmers), the food and beverage industry as well as agribusiness banks, and other agri-food value chain players with 360-degree digital agriculture solutions to help them embrace change and empower their digital transformation projects.

“AGRIVI was born in 2013 with a grand yet simple vision – to solve the global food problem by changing the way food is produced and positively impact over a billion people.” 

With AGRIVI, farmers may gain a full and all-encompassing look into their crop production management using  Agrivi 360 tool, which is an award-winning farm management software.
Agri-food value chain players can also use the AGRIVI IoT technology to get real-time insights into field data, such as microclimate and soil conditions, as well as monitor farm machinery fleets.
And the result?  Using sustainable and climate-smart agricultural techniques, the powerful farm management software gives real-time agronomic and economic information across the entire food production process, assisting producers in creating healthy, nutritious, and safe food for better and healthier tomorrow.
We hope that through partnering, we will be able to motivate company owners to modernize their companies and help the transition to digital agriculture. So, if you’re looking for assistance with digital transformation in agriculture, contact us to learn more about how TDA and AGRIVI can help you convert from old, analog business practices to new, digitally-empowered ways of managing your business.
Take a peek at AGRIVI’s website and social media pages to discover more about what they do:

As always, we’re here to help. If you’ve got questions about working with AGRIVI, or want to learn more about working with them just ask in the chat on the bottom right of your screen!

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