Introducing Spona Speaks [PODCAST EPISODE]

TDA is now Spona and The Top Digital Podcast is now Spona Speaks


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As TDA becomes Spona, the podcast is changing too. We’re saying goodbye to the Top Digital Podcast with this episode and renaming the show. And what better way to kick off the new show than with an episode all about how and why we changed our name?

We gathered some of the key members of the team to talk about our own name change but there’s plenty to learn from our experience. If you’re rebranding, naming a new product/service, or just curious about the process of branding, this episode is the perfect mix of a real-world example – us – and a peek into the process with the award-winning branding agency, Studio Size.

Conversation highlights

On the decision to hire a branding agency

“If we did it in-house, we would probably do some kind of branding and we would change the name, but it wouldn’t be the same. I think it’s like, when you want to redecorate your house and then you decide to paint the walls yourself. Just leave it to professionals and it’s going to be better.”

– Gloria Radečić, née Bakočević, of Spona

On the reason for the change

“I could see that a change was needed and the actual name that we came up with, it hits the mark as far as what we’re trying to convey to not just our clients, but our broader stakeholders.”

– Paško Vrbat of Spona

On the brand naming process

“It’s not a process where you have one holy name and you present it. You have to always present more. You have to present 50 or maybe 100 names … and then you narrow it down to a pool of names which can be legally protected. So it’s more thinking of a lot of names than thinking of one special name.”

– Ivan Fistrić of Studio Size

Advice for anyone considering a rebrand

“Know where you want to go. But don’t be so set on it to the point where you’re conflicting or messing with the process. Come with an open mind and an open slate.”

– Lehady “Lee” Sani-Agatha of Spona

On coming up with a brand name

“Networking is what you guys do so it was pretty easy to write not just to find a good name … When you have a clear archetype, when you have a clear vision of the brand, it’s not hard to create its world.”

– Andrej Virant Sadiković of Studio Size

Listen in for the full discussion of how we got our new name and what you can learn from the process. Be sure to subscribe to Spona Speaks wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode.

Host: Garry Mendez

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