Managing a digital project from end-to-end using TDA

TDA’s all-in-one project fulfillment solution lets businesses outsource digital projects to the best digital service providers with the peace of mind of knowing that the back office concerns are being handled.


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Businesses with digital projects are facing an ever-growing list of challenges from pandemic lockdowns and prolonged work-from-home situations to rising inflation and a potential recession to fluctuations in cryptocurrency markets. Now more than ever, businesses require assistance and tools to keep their digital projects progressing. It is with this in mind that TDA developed end-to-end project management.

The team at TDA recognized that clients were utilizing TDA in order to identify agencies that could fulfill their digital project needs, and selecting the agency most aligned with their digital project goals. However, these clients were, then, left to coordinate their project’s completion with the selected agency. This situation was not optimal and did not consistently result in a successful execution of the project, because the clients were not always equipped with the proper tools to manage their projects

And so, the team at TDA built project management into the TDA platform. With TDA’s end-to-end project management, TDA is a part of the process of executing digital projects every step of the way.

  1. Creation of the digital project brief
  2. Selection of the service provider
  3. Execution of the digital project to completion
  4. Management of the service provider payment process
  5. Evaluation of the digital project

Creation of the digital project brief

Once a business decides to outsource a given project, it must define that project so that service providers can assess project needs and align their capabilities with the business’ objectives. To enable service providers the chance to do that, the client can work with TDA’s team of project management experts to develop a project brief. This brief lays out the requirements and scope of the project and is used on TDA to alert the TDA roster of service providers about the potential for collaboration. Service providers, then create pitches and compete for the chance to win the business.

Selection of the service provider

The business sets a deadline for all of the service providers who would like to be considered for the project to apply. Once all of the pitches have been received, the business works with their TDA representative to choose the one that is the best fit for their project needs. To evaluate fit, businesses weigh a set of factors which TDA presents to them in project pitches, and conduct meetings with the top service provider candidates. After reviewing the service providers’ client-verified case studies, TDA profile, and pitch documents and assessing the working relationship and culture fit through meetings, the business chooses which service provider they would like to work with and assigns the project.

Execution of the digital project to completion

Once the project service provider is selected, TDA project management experts guide both the business and the service provider through developing a contract with KPIs, milestones, objectives, and a payment schedule. Then, as the project progresses, TDA works with both sides to ensure that those KPIs, milestones and objectives are met on time and on budget. TDA tracks these components of each project and regularly reports out to the business on the progress of the project.

Management of the service provider payment process

As experts in project management and outsourcing, TDA’s team of back office professionals gives businesses the peace of mind of knowing that every part of the payment process is taken care of. From international exchange rates to ensuring that the proper arrangements are made for taxes to safe fund transfers, TDA is ready for every scenario. When milestones are reached and objectives are met, TDA accepts payment from the business and disburses funds to service providers on the timeline laid out in the project contract.

Evaluation of the digital project

To ensure that businesses are happy with their final project outcomes, TDA conducts follow-up research and gathers feedback on the project. This feedback goes into the TDA platform to score the service provider and determine the best candidates for future projects, so that the next project is even easier to assign and runs smoothly.

As outlined above, TDA is deeply involved in each step of the project lifecycle. TDA works to make sure that businesses who outsource their projects through TDA not only get the finest service providers to do their projects, but a best-in-class, all-in-one project fulfillment solution from TDA.

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