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Behind the Scenes of Startup Success


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TDA client Bellabeat has had an incredible run in the months since signing on to use TDA’s world-class digital service acquisition platform. After becoming a TDA client, Bellabeat used TDA for agency procurement, investing in key digital marketing activities that have powered the enormous growth of the company from a small startup on the rise to a globally-positioned, market-leading brand.

Bellabeat’s rise culminated with an agreement from the second-largest American, and the third-largest investment bank in the world, Bank of America. The Bank of America deal signals acknowledgment from New York’s Wall Street banks that Bellabeat shows both short-term and long-term promise and TDA is proud to have fueled this ascendance.

TDA functioned as the back office for Bellabeat, sourcing a range of digital agencies to help Bellabeat reach its digital marketing goals. The TDA team managed Bellabeat’s sizeable investment in marketing with support in the following ways:

  1. TDA managed the entire marketing budget to ensure that advertising spend was aligned with customer acquisition cost (CAC) goals, 
  2. The TDA team tapped its vast network of quality digital agencies to find agencies for Bellabeat’s needs.
  3. TDA managed the digital marketing projects, not only hiring the agencies but becoming the key point of contact between agencies and Bellabeat, freeing up the Bellabeat team to focus on growth and adjusting to the market.
  4. TDA handled all payments for agency work. From creative to media buying, Bellabeat relied on TDA to disperse a multi-million dollar marketing budget among a cadre of agencies.
  5. TDA tracked the success of Bellabeat’s marketing efforts. With vigilant, day-by-day monitoring, TDA was able to alert the Bellabeat team to any unexpected changes in the market and reported out regularly on ROI from digital marketing spend.

Throughout the process, TDA led a team of world-class digital agencies in serving Bellabeat. TDA hired agencies to:

  • Identify influencers who could deliver mass exposure for the brand and generate leads for the brand,
  • Build holistic lead nurturing campaigns that drove leads through the sales funnel,
  • Utilize off-site optimization to generate traffic to top of funnel content that minimizes churn and maximizes ROI,
  • Implement conversion rate optimization techniques through behavior-based marketing automation,
  • Create effective social media advertising campaigns and organic content, and
  • A range of other performance marketing projects.

All of this was made possible due to TDA’s proprietary method of pairing clients and agencies through a data-driven matchmaking system. Still, Bellabeat’s success did not solely depend on finding the best agencies to handle its projects. Bellabeat’s team was able to stay focused on innovating as well as creating, distributing and selling its products while trusting TDA with managing agency relationships and back-office operations.

The results speak for themselves. Bellabeat has been featured in major publications like Vogue, Shape, and Refinery29. The brand reaches millions of customers with millions of devices in use every day. Building on the foundation laid by working with TDA agencies, the sky is the limit for this wellness startup.

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