At TDA, we’re celebrating Earth Day 2022 by showcasing the work of agencies dedicated to assisting sustainable brands with brand awareness campaigns and other types of projects focused on boosting their business. We compiled a list of case studies that highlight the work that our agencies completed for their sustainable clients.


1. Eco Baltia Vide Social Media Strategy, Content, and Design

To advertise Eco Baltia Vide services and raise awareness of recycling, TDA member agency Bright was hired to manage and create content for the company’s Facebook page.

About the client: Eco Baltia vide (EBV) is a local environmental services company that is a part of “Eco Baltia” – the largest environmental management group in the Baltic States which provides a complete waste management cycle from collecting to recycling.

2. The Beyond Your Clothes Campaign

360 Agency Berlin was briefed by the European Commission to raise awareness of the environmental and social consequences of the fast fashion industry.

About the project: The clothing and garment industry is the 2nd polluter in the world. In 2017 the global textiles and clothing industry was responsible for the consumption of 79 billion cubic metres of water, 1 715 million tons of CO2 emissions, and it is estimated that these numbers are going to increase by at least 50%. It is becoming a growing concern for the EU as some countries are now submerged and are considering exporting to stop the accumulation of textile waste. It is in this critical context that the ‘Beyond Your Clothes campaign’ was created, consisting of an innovative website technology (parallax) which provided, in an interactive and ludic approach, different layers of information to a wide audience, from frenetic fast fashion consumers to sustainably active individuals.

3. Nexio Projects: Brand Identity & Website

TDA member agency Embacy was hired to develop brand identity and a website for Nexio Projects, an international consulting firm that helps organizations achieve sustainable development goals.

About the project: Clean design, minimalistic graphics, and custom collages show a fresh approach to the business, Nexio Projects’ creativity, and most importantly, humanness.

4. Galactic Energy: Website

TDA member agency Embacy was hired to develop a website for Galactic Energy, a South African technological company dealing with sustainable development.

About the client: Galactic Energy is a South African green company that makes energy affordable to everyone on our planet. For them, we created a website that is assertive and professional but not too much so. The cut and dry black and white color scheme provided a striking contrast to the photos.

5. Rebrand for the AFPA Organisation

TDA member agency Percept partnered with Australian Forest Products Association on this rebrand project, helping promote regeneration and growth for the organization.

About the client: The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is a long-established national organization that is committed to bringing to life the best in forest production, regeneration, and sustainability.

To coincide with their 10-year anniversary, the AFPA leadership team decided it was time to completely overhaul the existing visual identity and brand positioning. Percept developed a new brand identity that aligned with the internal values and vision of the organization.

The primary challenge was to ensure the final solution represented each segment of the association equally and communicated effectively to the targeted audience.

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