TDA will attend the Infobip Shift conference

TDA will attend the Infobip Shift Conference, which will be held in Zadar, Croatia.


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On September 19–20, 2022, TDA will travel to Zadar, Croatia, for the largest developer conference in Southeast Europe. The Infobip Shift conference!

Ivor Anić – Partnerships Manager, Nika Šimović – Customer Success Specialist, and Gloria Bakočević – Marketing&Communications Specialist will attend this year’s conference. By attending this event, they will have the opportunity to learn about the future of the IT industry, emerging technologies, and the position of competition. They will also get a chance to meet and connect with the new, intriguing, and cool tech people!

The TDA team will have the chance to hear some of the renowned speakers from the tech industry that are affiliated with major corporations like Google (Una Kravets, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google), CITADEL (Ben Lesh, Staff Software Engineer at Citadel), AWS Amplify (Ali Spittel, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify), Builder (Misko Hevery, CTO at, Chewy (Jason Pamental, Principal Designer at Chewy), and many more.

About the conference:

Infobip Shift is the biggest developer event in Southeastern Europe. It is bringing together the global tech community; more than 4,000 devs, software engineers, product owners, founders, startups, and all kinds of IT professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world return to Croatia for a developer conference unlike any other in the world.

“It’s a 2-day multistage hybrid conference dedicated to people passionate about software, continuing the tradition of delivering interactiveengaging, and exciting content. Expect multiple tracks, learn from extraordinary minds, engage in virtual experiences, a prospect from the exhibit hall, and expand your network on afterparties. Everything brought to you by Infobip and Shift.” – The Infobip Shift team

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Marketing and Communications Specialist
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