Anybody who’s got a credit card knows how advanced and deferred payments work. We don’t have to explain that to you here. But did you know that companies and service providers can use the same system of advanced/deferred payments when they do business on TDA?

Qualifying companies can use their TDA profile to get things done faster with TDA advanced/deferred payments. When you manage your projects on TDA, you use your profile to pay out service providers. Or, if you are providing the service, you can use your profile to get paid right away, while offering your clients the flexibility to pay invoices later.

It all works because TDA is built to serve as a bridge between digital service providers and companies that need digital services. We recognized that, often, service providers need to invest heavily in things like equipment, software, or media to deliver projects for their clients. To deliver projects on time, most service providers can’t wait for their clients to pay before purchasing things like ad space for social media campaigns or studio rentals for video shoots. At the same time, clients don’t want to pay 100% in advance for work that hasn’t been done yet. In fact, many companies have procurement policies prohibiting just that scenario. 

At TDA we saw this problem as an opportunity to add value to our already robust offerings for companies and service providers looking to do business. Deferring payments lets both sides overcome one of the biggest challenges that stands in the way. Whether the client initiates payment deferral to hold onto their cash for a longer period of time or the service provider initiates advanced/deferred payments to free up funds for use on the project, both parties get an easier and more efficient way to tackle digital projects.

Let’s take a look at how this whole process works in the real world…

A TDA service provider that offers video production came to us because they could get 10% off of equipment rental for an upcoming shoot if they paid up front. They knew this would work out to a lower overall cost, but it meant an outlay of cash at the beginning of the project, before they had full payment from the client. So, the agency used their TDA profile to offer the client advanced/deferred payment on the project. The agency received the full project fee at the start so that they could rent the equipment at a 10% discount. The client got the project done right away and the agency was able to rent equipment not only without coming out of pocket but at a discount!

There are a lot of different ways this could work for service providers that may have big upfront costs. But even on projects without upfront costs, it could be useful for service providers who just want to offer advanced/deferred payments to their clients.

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