TDA’s Best Case Studies of 2021

Agencies published over 400 new case studies on TDA in 2021. As the year comes to a close, we’re highlighting some of our favorites.


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Case studies are a key part of an agency’s work. A good case study shows off not only what skills an agency has, but how effective the agency is when they put those skills to work for their clients. Agencies published over 400 new case studies on TDA in 2021. As the year comes to a close, we’re highlighting some of our favorites.

We want to thank every agency that participated in sharing their success stories with us and we hope you will continue to do so in the coming year!

The following list of case studies highlights the quality work our agencies do for clients. Plus, many of the clients have all rated their experience and given commentary on what it was like to work with these agencies. So you don’t just have to take our word for it, these case studies are authentic success stories.

Netflix: Unsolved Mysteries Multi-Platform Social Campaign by Movement Strategy

See how Movement Strategy partnered with Netflix and led the launch of Unsolved Mysteries’ revival in 2020 amidst an ever-changing social climate, with zero paid media, no iconic host, and a saturated true crime market.

See the full case study by Async Labs

Async Labs worked with the human resources software company to drive 5,653 new users to this niche service’s website in just 90 days.

See the full case study

SeamPay: Fintech in color by Embacy

How did Embacy built identity and website for a London-based fintech product aimed at the Nigerian market, incorporating Digital African Patterns into the design? Find out how in this stat-filled case study.

See the full case study

Branding a Natural Product Drug Discovery Platform by Wunderdogs

Following a $4.9M seed round, Enveda engaged Wunderdogs to rethink their rising bioscience brand & create a website in preparation for their launch.

See the full case study

Davidson & Co Law Firm by Zoom Digital

See how Zoom Digital increased monthly inquiries to their legal client’s website by 450% with a redesign and a strategic approach to SEO.

See the full case study

Travelspot: Brand Identity and Travel Management Software by Barrage

Find out how Barrage developed a digital product with a unique brand identity and applications for online booking.

See the full case study

How We Scaled Facebook Ads & Lowered Customer Acquisition Costs for Himalaya by Admiral Media

Wondering how to achieve an 875% increase in the number of installs for your app? Check out how Admiral Media did it for Himalaya.

See the full case study

Visualized by Enkonix

Here’s how Enkonix built a virtual staging web app that helps real estate clients increase inquiries for their properties by an average of 75%.

See the full case study

VOLI eCommerce by Amplitudo

See how Amplitudo helped their retailer client quickly establish a successful e-commerce site to keep serving their customers throughout the pandemic.

See the full case study

Website Redesign for Greg Anderson Painting by PixoLabo

See how PixoLabo put a combination of strong SEO and local search strategies together to drive traffic and business for their Seattle-based client.

See the full case study

That’s just a taste of the over 400 case studies published on TDA in 2021. We’re looking forward to a prosperous 2022 and having even more success stories to tell in the coming months.

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