TDA’s Top 10 Branding Agencies Summer 2022

The home of the world’s top digital agencies ranks among the best branding agencies from around the world.


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Because of their great work and contributions to TDA, the following companies made it into our Top 10 Best Branding Agencies for Summer 2022. Learn more about each agency, its clients, case studies, and articles by looking through our list!

The following are some of the criteria we use to rank the agencies on our list: the quality of their work, recent projects, the agency’s expertise in the field, and their willingness to educate our community by publishing articles on TDA.

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Here is our Top 10 list for the best of the best in the Branding category:

  1. Degordian
  2. Embacy
  3. Senor
  4. Percept Brand Design
  5. RedWoods Digital
  6. DPDK
  7. Dizz Agency
  8. Red Graphic
  9. Fifth & Cor
  10. Matter Made

1. Degordian

About the agency:

Degordian is an award-winning, strategic-creative digital agency founded in Croatia, with offices in New York City (US), Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), and Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) — all merged in a unique Degordian One.

“We are seriously curious about our work, and never, ever back away from a challenge.”

–the Degordian team


Molson Coors
Atlantic (more)

2. Embacy

About the agency:

Embacy is focused only on working with digital products because we’re sure that mastery comes with focus and persistence. We do branding, websites, and product interfaces.

“We put a concept at the center of everything we do, and it drives our design decisions. We’re not the best agency in the world and have no intention to become one. But if you have a digital product and want to create an outstanding identity, website, and interface design we’re probably the best place to go.” 

Vadim Orlov, CEO, and co-founder of Embacy



Heartcore Capital (more)

3. Señor

About the agency:

Señor is an independent communication and branding agency. We combine smart strategies, innovative concepts, and outstanding executions and package them into non-spam communication that’s people-relevant and result-oriented. (more)

“After 8 years of our work, we are proudly standing next to the most creative marketing agencies in Croatia (Ideja X). In 2o21, we have been recognized as the best marketing agency in Croatia (Croatian Association of Communications Agencies, HURA) and in 2022 as the most effective one (HURA, Effie 2022, Grand Prix)”

—the Señor team


Atlantic grupa d.d.
Foreo (more)

4. Percept Brand Design

About the agency:

Percept is an effective branding, design, and creative agency in Sydney, Australia focusing on strategic solutions that achieve successful business results for our clients. We specialize in brand identity, packaging, advertising, web design, and graphic design for print and digital.

“Our expertise is in all things related to brand design; from branding and packaging design right through to marketing communications and of course website design. Percept Brand Design is here to help businesses do better business. We are thinking creatives who put our clients’ best interests at the heart of everything we do.”

—the Percept Brand Design team



Grays Online
Valera (more)

5. Redwoods Digital

About the agency:

Redwoods Digital is a consulting agency that specializes in providing digital marketing strategy, social media management, advertising or media buying, KOL management, creating a promotional video or product knowledge video, and website and app development for businesses.

“No matter your industry, market, or business model, we would love to push the boundaries to deliver the most hands-on services with various solutions that we have. Therefore, we could grow as redwood trees, the strongest, tallest, evergreen trees altogether.” 

—the Redwoods Digital team


Parkway Hospital Singapore
Miss Mondial
ML Your Skin Solution (more)


About the agency:

DPDK is an international, award-winning digital agency with a unique approach: combining creative business strategy with digital production.

“Today more than ever, our clients count on us to be new every day. As an innovation partner, they rely on our experience and expertise in dealing with continuous transformation and resilient adaptation. We help them answer and exceed customer expectations in a hyper-personalized landscape, keep them on the offense, and have their brand differentiate through customer experience.”

—the DPDK team


Ortec (more)

7. Dizz Agency

About the agency:

DIZZ Agency is a full-service design agency creating world-class digital products, design, video, and branding for 10 years. They are a team of experienced and talented designers who solve problems and believe great design is created when strategy and creativity work together.

“We are developing a full-fledged strategy for your business, which will effectively impact sales on the Internet. You no longer need to think about how to properly conduct web analytics, what text to fill the future site, and what actions still need to be taken to make your product or services become available on the Internet. Do what you really like, and leave these tasks to us. We will fulfill them qualitatively and on time.”

—the DIZZ Agency team


Darnitsa (more)

8. Red Graphic

About the agency:

We help companies go digital. Having started as an advertising agency in 1992, we soon realized our passion for digital marketing. Ever since 1998 we have helped companies of all ranges, from a startup to a Fortune 100, start, grow and succeed on the internet.

“We start with the strategy: research the market, audit the baseline and explore the insights. The strategy is the basis for all, be that digital campaign, web development, branding services or design. Then goes creative work. We help our customer’s products stand out among competitors, and our customers’ clients love what we do.”

—the Red Graphic team


IAB (more)

9. Fifth & Cor

About the agency:

Fifth & Cor is at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and creativity. We’re a Marketing & Innovation Company harnessing the best tools to support brands, consumers, and communities. We work with clients to design the future, build the brand, and tell the story through multi-channel experiences.

“We are strategic thinkers, dedicated creatives, and relentless when it comes to delivering great results. Everything around us ignites our inspiration, and we aren’t afraid of sharing how we see the world through marketing and innovation.”

—the Fifth & Cor team

10. Matter Made

About the agency:

From marketing strategy and leadership through execution and results; Matter Made works with B2B SaaS companies to drive marketing efficiency and sustainable growth across Demand Generation, Paid Media, and RevOps.

“At Matter Made we don’t just implement best practices – we define them.”

—the Matter Made team

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