TDA’s Top Branding Agencies Winter 2022

The home of the world’s top digital agencies ranks the best branding agencies from around the world.


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The following agencies made it into our winter 2022 top ten best branding agencies because of their outstanding work and contribution to TDA. Check out our list to learn more about each agency, its clients, case studies, and articles.

To name these agencies, we rate them on a variety of factors: we consider the quality of their work, their recent projects, the agency’s expertise in the field, and willingness to share helpful knowledge and insights with our community through publishing articles on TDA.

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  1. Percept Brand Design
  2. DPDK
  3. Wirelab
  4. Bright
  5. London : Los Angeles
  6. Badie Designs
  7. Level Interactive
  8. Fook Communications

1. Percept Brand Design

About the agency:

Percept is an effective branding, design and creative agency in Sydney, Australia focusing on strategic solutions that achieve successful business results for our clients. We specialise in brand identity, packaging, advertising, web design, graphic design for print and digital.

“A soft, natural palette was selected and paired with beautifully crafted typography to elevate the positioning of the branding – it’s not just your typical, mass-produced food product, but something that can be enjoyed, shared with, and loved by the whole family.”

Branding Design and Packaging for Food Products by Percept Brand Design


Grays Online
Valera (more)


About the agency:

20 years of transformation, change, innovation, and adaptation. We saw tech emerge and disappear, trends come and go and customer expectations change and grow. Today more than ever, our clients count on us to be new every day… more

“Relationships are about people and building an emotional connection humanizes your brand and leaves a lasting impression. Research has shown that creating emotional connections has a greater impact on business results than customer satisfaction…”

Unique Branding: Creating Emotional Connections by DPDK


Forward You
Digital Realty
Grolsch (more)

3. Wirelab

About the agency:

Wirelab is a creative, digital agency with a team of strategists, designers, developers, marketers and content creators… (more)

“We used Siege, a stress test program, which allowed us to identify how much traffic each site could really handle. The program floods each site with fake traffic and transactions, highlighting any bottlenecks in the application which we could tweak and improve.”
Segway by Wirelab


GP Elite
Renault Benelux (more)

4. Bright

About the agency:

Bright is an interactive digital agency that can bring life to any business, product, or service in a digital environment. We create bright ideas that inspire and differentiate our clients from others!… (more)

“Eco Baltia Vide provides the widest range of environmental management services to individuals and companies in Latvia. To help them better communicate with their clients, Bright provided multiple digital services.”
Eco Baltia Vide – Website, Animation & Mobile App Design Development case study by Bright


Gedeon Richter
Skandi Motors (more)

5. London : Los Angeles

About the agency:

LO:LA is a full-service creative agency making good ideas accessible and experiences meaningful. With native roots in London and nurtured by the vibrant, collaborative and diverse culture of Los Angeles, LO:LA was founded in 2017 on the notion of re-imagining advertising creative that not only resonates but finds magic in the moments that matter…more

“All businesses start with an idea, the seed that sparks its beginning. But to become successful you can’t stop there, you need to be a factory of ideas, a veritable production line of thinking and asking what if!”
The Power of the Idea by Nick Platt, CEO & Founder of LO:LA


Total Wine & More
Lazy Dog Cafe (more)

6. Badie Designs

About the agency:

Badie Designs strives to stay at the forefront of design and marketing practices because technology has changed the way consumers view products and services…(more)

“Don’t forget the basics of prompting an action. The process of conversion may be virtual, but that shouldn’t make it any less urgent.”
Marketing In the Age of COVID: Mapping New Customer Journeys by Taneka Badie Geary, owner of Badie Designs


Georgia Power
Certwood (more)

7. Level Interactive

About the agency:

Level is an award-winning brand strategy & design consultancy. Our mission is to build brands that turn heads… (more)

“Our goal was to convey a clean, professional, and friendly look and feel that would be appropriate for a health-related platform, but also help visually differentiate the brand from competitors.”
GeneRight case study by Level Interactive


S7 Airlines
SCR (more)

8. Fook Communications

About the agency:

We help brands connect with people. By understanding your business and what makes your audience tick, we’re able to create compelling and effective marketing… (more)

“As an artist and a storyteller, it was important to us that the brand identity we created for Karena both reflected her character, and also her directorial style.”
Karena Evans case study by Fook Communications


That Clean Life
Seasonal Resident
Cou Muskoka
Rare Birds Books (more)

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