The Top Digital Podcast – Episode 4 – Gameboost Founder Kristijan Salijević

It’s all fun and games in this episode of the Top Digital Podcast as we catch up with the founder of Gameboost, a global marketplace for gaming services, Kristijan Salijević.


-  2 min read

In this episode we explore the origins of a fast-growing startup in huge, and fast-growing, industry. We dive into the world of Gameboost, a global marketplace for gaming services started by our guest Kristijan Salijević. Gameboost provides customers with services such as ELO boosting, account trading and coaching in popular online video games.

The business might sound like child’s play, but it’s part a segment of an industry that is bigger than just about every other form of entertainment combined. That’s why, when Kristijan, just a typical college student,  started to turn his passion for play into a business it was game on. Today the company serves tens of thousands of gamers of all levels, from the kids grinding to reach the top, to busy adults who want to play at a high level but simply don’t have the hours in their days to rank up.

Not a gamer? You don’t have to be to get a lot out of this episode as the conversation ranges from the challenges  of starting a business as a young age, to marketing on a shoestring budget, to lessons learned on the field of play (actually the basketball court) that can serve any entrepreneur.

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