Agency of the Month – Percept

Percept – an impression of an object obtained by use of the senses
Merriam and Webster’s Dictionary

Percept – a brilliant branding agency


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If someone were to tell you that looks don’t matter when it comes to dating, you’d probably accuse them of lying. Yet, in business we let people get away with this lie all the time. The reality is, packaging matters, brands matter, aesthetics matter. And that’s why there’s Percept, TDA’s first agency of the month in 2022.

To see how branding matters, take a look at Percept’s Rebrand for the AFPA Organisation case study.

When agencies publish case studies like this on TDA, they are hard to miss. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, this branding project for the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) make a difference. Percept supported the AFPA’s efforts to improve forest regeneration and sustainability with a complete brand identity.

Branding not to sell a product, but to affect change and move people to action is no small task. With smart use of a palatte of brand colors, Percept was able to develop a visual identity that was at once predictably green and unexpectedly wide-ranging. Rich photography, elegant typography and up-to-the-minute technology were all crucial elements of Percept’s work, allowing for a holistic brand that could be found anywhere from a tote bag to a web app and yet always feel like a part of the AFPA’s identity.

This is just one of dozens of equally exceptional case studies published by Precept on TDA. As a long-time member of the TDA family of agencies, we’re excited to spread the word about this truly top notch digital agency from our friends down under in Sydney, Australia. Whether you’re looking for an agency, or just looking to be inspired and bring some beauty into your day, you need to check out Percept.

If you’d like to get to know more about Percept, their profile on TDA, or their website, are great places to start.


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