Why You Should be Audio Branding

Whether you’re a marketer or an agency, audio branding is more important than ever. Here’s what you need to know.


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Hear that?

For a bit of meta audio branding check out this mashup of Apple product sounds turned into an entirely new song posted to YouTube by, you guessed it, Apple.
For a bit of meta audio branding check out this mashup of Apple product sounds turned into an entirely new song posted to YouTube by, you guessed it, Apple.

It’s the sound of your life. Wherever you are, right now, as you’re reading this, you’re no more than one step away from audio branding. If you’re reading this on a laptop, you’re only a click away from the harmonic devices your computer maker put into the machine to brand their product. You don’t have to click Restart to recall the Apple signature startup chime. And we’ve each got our own psychological associations with these sounds, be they a feeling of empowerment, nostalgia, or even, for Apple haters perhaps, a bit of rage.

Brands like Intel, Skype, and Nokia have created some of the most played, and memorable, audio in history. And while these digital-native companies may have only recently gotten your attention with sound, the practice of audio branding dates almost as far back as the audio recording itself. Perhaps the most ubiquitous audio brand in the United States for nearly a century is a three-note chime. The notes are G, E, and C, which just happen to be the initials of General Electric Company, the parent company of the brand that is now synonymous with the sound.  You’ve probably heard of the child company…


Still, the explosion in audio branding in recent years is no fluke. As technology moves media from big devices attached to wires in your home to apps that you carry around in your pocket on your smartphone, or wear on your wrist on your smart-watch, the importance of creating a sonic logo that is unique, memorable, and engages consumers has grown. Today brands rely on audio perhaps more than ever.

“What it comes down to is that we’re hard-wired to pay a lot of attention to sound,” says voice actor, and host of the Audio Branding Podcast, Jodi Krangle.

Despite audio branding’s steady rise in importance in recent decades, companies have been slow to adapt their marketing strategies, but Krangle says that’s changing, “As home devices like Alexa and Google Home rise in popularity, it’s only going to become MORE important for brands to differentiate themselves in sound.”

The increasing importance of audio in marketing is driven less by music than it is by the spoken word. In the United States, “spoken word audio listening is up 40% in the past seven years, and up 8% year over year” according to the Audio Branding Podcast by NPR and Edison Research. And with voice-driven AI powering everything from Google searches to restocking your fridge, people are not just listening to spoken word, we are increasingly engaging with our digital world through voice.

“If companies want to be ahead of the curve,” Krangle says, “they really should start building a comprehensive audio brand for themselves NOW so they can make a deeper connection with the people they want to reach.”

How? Marketers looking to invest in their audio brand can post a project and choose from a wide range of agency partners on the TDA roster that specialize in branding and audio branding.

TDA agency leaders, download a copy of Jodi Krangle’s 5 Tips For Implementing An Intentional Audio Strategy to ensure that you’re ready to serve your clients’ changing needs.

Either way, whether you’re the client or the agency, make a sound decision about sound and get to work on your audio branding today.

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