Boost Your ROI With a Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

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Restaurants are receiving a massive quantity of online orders. According to a report, the amount of online food orders has tripled over the past five years.

Do you run a multi-chain restaurant like Dominos? Well, we understand the fact that it took lots of things to begin the multichain restaurant service, but even it took tremendously more to make it a successful venture. As a multichain restaurant owner, it’s necessary to equip your enterprise with technological advancements. Other than the food quality, it is crucial to have an effective online food ordering system that plays a significant role in establishing consistency.

Mostly venture owners might think that launching a multi-restaurant online ordering system is difficult, expensive and takes lots of time and effort. But, creating an online ordering system can benefit you in various ways. The system can manage several dozens of restaurants and works seamlessly and interactively for both the customer and employees of the chain. If you are a restaurateur that runs a fine-dining restaurant or a takeout joint, then you will agree with the fact that nowadays customers only prefer online restaurant business from where they get food services at their fingertips. By providing online restaurant service, your customers can hang out and enjoy the delicious food- all the time. The success of an online ordering system is growing enormously and is expected to grow more.

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Stats Says Louder: The Success of Online Food Ordering

  • Restaurants are receiving a massive quantity of online orders. According to a report, the amount of online food orders has tripled over the past five years.
  • According to the report by Statista, the revenue of online food delivery segment amounts to US$122,739m in 2020
  • No. of new consumers is increasing day by day that order food online in India.

We understand that creating a digital solution for the young internet generation can get overwhelming sometimes. Still, a multi-restaurant online ordering app like Dominos is a significant step that you should take to manage your food chains effectively.

Why Should Restaurateurs Develop the Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering App?

There are many reasons that you can get from choosing a multi-restaurant online food ordering system. This system will help you to make things easy for customers like they can order food online and get food at their doorstep from your restaurant. Depending upon the location, a user can request a food order from your nearby restaurant branch. So, with this approach, you can drive more sales to your restaurant business.

No Need to Give Commissions

When you develop your own multi-restaurant online ordering app, then you can save money by not giving commissions to other online food delivery platform such as Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Do you know how Swiggy and other online food delivery platform make revenues and profits? Do you know these platforms charge 20% – 35% commission on every order that was made by their app? By setting up a multi-restaurant online ordering system, you can save the commission fee which you give to other online order apps.

Handle All the Things via the Touch of Modern App

Before the introduction of touch technology and mobile apps, calculating all the orders, stocks, and inventories was quite a bit challenging in traditional days. But, by creating a multi-restaurant online ordering system, you can calculate all these things with just a few clicks. The admin panel of the software will allow you to manage all the stuff easily, quickly, and effectively.

Advantages of a Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System:

Enhance Work Efficiency

Creating a food ordering app for your restaurant chain makes you the leader in the market. It enhanced work efficiency as most of the tasks can be done automatically. You can deal with day to day activities effectively and flawlessly.

Saves Traveling Time and Fuel Expenses

If you are a restaurateur that wants to provide excellent services to their customers, then you must create a multi-restaurant online ordering system. Make things easy for customers, as people nowadays have a hectic work schedule. Therefore, they prefer to order food online. Your multi-restaurant online ordering app helps customers to save their traveling expenses & waiting time.

Loyalty Program

By running a loyalty program, you can get more and more customers online, and also it boosts your sales number, which automatically improves the ROI of your business. This is the best strategy you can use in your restaurant chains.

Crucial Features of a Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

  • Address Detection via GPS
  • Sales Analytics and Reports
  • Client request board
  • Real-time tracking
  • Simple Registration Process
  • Discount & Offers
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Push Notifications

Wrapping Up

This era is all about advanced technologies, and it is essential to have a mobile app for any business. If you are not giving your users a convenient platform to place a food order, then you may lose your potential customers. It’s necessary to develop a mobile app to stay ahead of your competitors. By l creating a mobile app solution for your restaurant chain, you can reach your audiences and engage t/hem effectively.

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