Captions That Captivate! 8 Tips to Write for Social Media

Flora Fountain
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Your captions are a natural extension of your post in social media marketing. Here are 8 tips for you to write great social media captions for your posts.

What attracts the attention of the viewer on social media?

  • A beautiful visual
  • A good photograph
  • A stunning design

But what results in an interaction on the post, a LIKE, a COMMENT, a DM (direct message) or a link click?

A captivating caption, something that delights the reader, generates curiosity in them, convinces them to read further and take action.

While sharing photos or creatives on social media, a well-written caption will set the tone for the post, inspire your followers, give value, spark discussion, and demonstrate the brand’s personality.

And here are some suggestions for creating a compelling caption and improving a brand’s social media marketing approach.

First Impression Is What Lasts!

With people’s attention spans shrinking, a strong opening line will help you grab their attention. While you have the entire text box to narrate a story about the post, it is the first 50 characters that matter. Especially on Instagram, because people are going to click on the “Read more…” call out only if the first line leaves them intrigued and wanting for more.

Your captions should be a natural extension of your post. There must be a strong connection between the image and the caption. Never let a post get published without a copy or simply repeat what is written in the image copy, as your caption. A repetitive copy is as useless as a post with no caption.

Fulfill the Intention

Your captions must fulfill the purpose behind the post. Before you write a caption, ask these questions to yourself: Are you trying to establish a connection with the target audience? Do you want them to take action after reading your caption? Or, are you simply showing off the brand’s personality through the writing.

If it is an action post, make sure you make it clear in the second or third line of your caption on what the reader needs to do.

“Click on the link in bio”

“Call 123456789 to know more”

“Share your thoughts in the comments below”

These are some examples of Call To Action phrases to be used in captions.

Get Them Talking!

Create social media captions that elicit feedback and encourage your audience to comment on your post.

One of the simplest ways to increase the number of comments on your post is to ask a question. The questions don’t have to be difficult; they should be basic and simple.

Inviting your audience to submit their tips, reviews, and recommendations is a fantastic method to engage them. Because trust us, your users will not respond to you unless you ask them to.

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