In today’s world of constant disruption and technological innovation, the industry of digital services is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic markets – the digital industry is simply the place to be.

We aim to be the innovation that both digital agencies, and companies in need of digital services around the world have been missing. At TDA, our ambition is to completely change how digital agencies and companies find each other, and to eliminate location as a determining factor of that process.

TDA creates value for both sides of the equation by giving agencies a chance to acquire clients from around the world, and giving businesses a way to find the very best agency for their needs.

We want our employees to be happy at the start of each week, and we want to make TDA the best work environment possible. We firmly believe that a satisfied employee who is excited about their job, loves their coworkers (actually friends), and believes in their workplace, is the best employee. The time you spend at your job is one third of the day. We want that to be one of the highlights of each day, and not the opposite.

Our company culture is to maintain a friendly and positive atmosphere for everyone, so that our employees are always motivated to do their best. A job at TDA isn’t just a job, it’s something you will actually enjoy and be passionate about.

Our Expectations


We try to find creative solutions to complex problems – we expect our employees to be able to do the same.

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We believe in cooperation - we expect our employees to be team players.

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We believe in adapting to changing circumstances - we expect our employees not to be rigid in what they are able to do.

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We dedicate ourselves to perfection - we expect every employee to do their best.

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Available Positions

If you like what we are doing and want to build your career here, check out the available positions and apply.

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We are committed to creating a solution which improves the way millions of companies and agencies around the world do business.

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