112% Increase in Revenue From Organic Traffic YoY for Direct Fireplaces

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Direct Fireplaces is a retailer of gas and electric fires. We Influence support them across PPC, SEO, Affiliates, Content & Paid Social.

Direct Fireplaces is a retailer of gas and electric fires. We Influence supports them across PPC, SEO, Affiliates, Content & Paid Social.

SEO Approach and Results

We identified areas for improvement across content and SEO. This included the prevention of indexing of filter pages, improvements to the site’s architecture, and improved structured data. Low-value content was removed, blog articles optimised and consolidated into a central hub.

  • +64% organic traffic (YoY)
  • +112% revenue from organic traffic (YoY)

PPC Approach and Results

Targeting users at multiple touchpoints in the purchasing journey, we maximised revenue by utilising Google and Bing Ads. An increase of 212% in revenue was achieved from Search alone.

An advanced Shopping campaign strategy was implemented, allowing us to bid separately on generic and branded terms. This also enabled us to hit users in both the research and purchase stages.

Display remarketing and new audience Display campaigns were created to ensure the brand message was amplified.

  • +107% in revenue from paid traffic
  • + 48% in ROAS

Affiliate Marketing Approach and Results

We optimised the commission structure to better reflect the value of the affiliates on the program – based on the conversion funnel and where affiliates appear within the buying journey.

We also incentivised voucher code affiliates which led to us working with sites like MyVoucherCodes with exclusive promos and commission increases to gain brand exposure and increase sales in this space by almost 100%.

While we improved voucher code performance, another objective was to decrease the affiliate channel’s reliance on the voucher code and cashback affiliates.

We did this by working with price comparison sites and Google CSS partners. Two of which are now among our top 5 affiliates on both of the programs, meaning that we now have over 35% of our revenue coming through this type of new audience driving affiliate.

  • +143% Revenue growth (YOY)