12 Steps Marketing Helps Rally Point Rehab Increase Search Engine Traffic by +577% in Just 100-Days

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12 Steps Marketing Helps Rally Point Rehab Increase Search Engine Traffic by +577% in Just 100-Days

Here’s our growth story…

Who Is Rally Point Palm Beach Rehab?

Rally Point Palm Beach Rehab (www.rallypointpb.com) is a gender-specific (male-only), 15-bed inpatient and residential living program with 3 treatment locations nestled in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida. Rally Point Palm Beach is a current member of NAATP, Joint Commission Accredited, and recently certified by Legit Script. They’ve built a reputation in their local recovery community for their effective role in helping veterans and active military members and families get access to affordable addiction recovery, PTSD treatment. Providing a unique route to ease them back into normal life activities.

Being in the heart of West Palm Beach, FL, the competition was fierce for Rally Point. Like most treatment centers, Rally Point’s existing website was ranking for hundreds of keywords, but because they were not ranked on the 1st page of Google, the website was generating very little organic traffic.

Rally Point came to us wanting to establish a stronger search presence in Palm Beach, FL by improving regional keyword rankings using the 12 Steps Marketing’s 100 Day Digital Marketing Challenge. The goal? Improve organic traffic by +30% in just 100 days.

We accept the challenge!

What Is the 100-Day Marketing Challenge?

The 100-day SEO marketing challenge is like a 100-Meter-Dash at the Summer Olympic Games.

We use a short series of lightning-quick and decisive SEO actions to propel you from the starting point all the way to the finish line in record time.

Using a supercharged growth roadmap and complete competitor teardown, we’ll determine what’s working, what’s not, and make it better than ever.

We’ll help you achieve what took months and years for your competitors, in a limited amount of time; on a smaller scale of course.

Our proven method is the only truly measurable and accountable approach to digital marketing you could ever choose to undertake.

We’ll get you competing against the ‘Usain Bolts’ of your industry in just 100-days.

The Challenge

The first step in defining our winning strategy required a prescient understanding of both the Rally Point business goals and the search competition landscape in their specific region. 

From the start, Rally Point wanted to drive more admissions and conversions from their local region and surrounding areas, as well as increase overall traffic from search. But the hyper-competitive landscape of West Palm Beach, FL meant hundreds of other treatment centers and treatment aggregator sites were lobbying for the same 1st page Google rankings, and most of them had a head start.

If we were going to help Rally Point achieve their business goals through SEO, we would have to concentrate our resources on a few critical objectives rather than spread ourselves thin competing against the goliaths.

Armed with actionable insights from the technical SEO audit, under-the-hood competitors research, and thorough onboarding Q&A discovery meetings, we set out to create a supercharged growth roadmap that would help us accomplish Rally Point business goals.

What do you do if you are breaking new grounds?

Start by laying the foundation…

Laying The Foundation

Rally Point existing website was built on WordPress, widely popular content management system (CMS) but used an outdated Child Theme with very heavy with unnecessary code, which made it very slow to load pages, and made it nearly impossible to browse the program and service related pages, and aside from the poor user-experience (UX) performance, it also made it very difficult for search engines to crawl and index the website.

So our first step toward 1st page Google rankings and driving more admissions was to ensure we were building on a stable foundation, which meant switching to a more stable and faster-hosting provider and optimizing for faster loading speed. 

Here’s exactly what we did:

  • Transfer To New Hosting @ (WPengine) + SSL Certification
  • Enabled Caching & Make Proper Settings
  • Properly Combined CSS & JS Files (Minification)
  • Resize/Compress Images
  • Remove Unused Themes / Plugins
  • Technical SEO Audit & Improvements
  • Meta Titles
  • Footer Links
  • Minor Template Code Fixes & Misc.

With an improved website hosting and much faster loading speed, prospective patients could better browse the program offerings and find answers to their questions on Rally Point. Also, search engines could now crawl and index the site easier, more frequently, and with more trust.

30-Day Results

Within 30 days after starting our 100-day marketing challenge, overall website traffic increased by +55% on desktop and +36% on mobile as rankings improved.

Not bad for 30 days of work. 

Authority: Currency of SEO 

With the foundations secured, we armed ourselves with actionable insights from the complete competitors’ breakdown analysis and set our eyes on the next phase of the challenge. 

Based on the baseline keyword ranking snapshot, we knew Rally Point was already ranking for ‘regional specific’ keywords such as “drug rehab in West Palm Beach” in organic results, the problem was that Rally Point, at the time, the keywords were ranked on pages 2, 3, 4 of Google.

Due to the competitive landscape, we decided that rather than invest our resources in going after new keywords, we could potentially double or triple the organic search traffic by pushing the already ranked keywords from the page 2, 3, 4 to the 1st page of Google.

The biggest issue keeping Rally Point from ranking in 1st page of Google was the lack of domain authority and backlinks from relevant high authority websites. Because we know Google loves relevant links from high authority websites, we allocated 80% of our time/resources in manual outreach and securing high-quality links.

With our proven outreach framework and due diligence, our team was able to secure some juicy links from high authority local news websites like SunSentinel, Addiction, and SAMHSA to name a few…

60-Day Results

Within 60 days after starting our SEO challenge, overall website traffic increased by +116% on organic traffic and +102% on mobile as rankings improved. 

Now we’re getting warmed up!

1st Page or BUST

Over the 100-day SEO marketing challenge, it was critical that all of our marketing activities aligned with the singular goal of positioning Rally Point as an authority on addiction treatment and recovery for the targeted region of West Palm Beach, FL.

We continue to publish blog posts regularly, engage/share newsworthy content, amplify content via local news sources, developed local citations, and obtain high authority backlinks all focused on increasing Rally Point’s online presence and reach new audience demographics. 

We started in September of 2018, Rally Point overall ranked for 432 keywords and 13 keywords on the 1st page of Google. By 100-day, we had successfully positioned Rally Point with 1,021 keywords ranked on Google and 86 1st-page rankings on Google.

The results? In just 100-days, Rally Point website traffic grew over +557% monthly unique visitors for addiction treatment and recovery keywords and +407% increase in mobile traffic as rankings improved.

We were lucky: Ownership and the team at Rally Point understood the strategic importance of narrowing our focus on a single objective and going above-and-beyond in assisting us with everything we needed to execute our growth strategy.

And, the final result?

90-Day Results

Within 100 days after starting our SEO challenge, overall website traffic increased by +577% on desktop and +407% on mobile as rankings improved.

The 100-Day Challenge Outcome

Since 100 days of partnering with 12 Steps Marketing, Rally Point organic traffic had grown +577% – and the effects weren’t just limited to traffic. Their online assessment lead submissions from prospective patients spiked (not including calls) and Rally Point website now attracts more than +3k monthly organic visitors regularly.

  • +577% Increase In Organic Search Traffic
  • +86 1st Page Google Rankings
  • +1K Keywords Ranked