+139% Increase in Revenue from PPC Traffic – Poplollies

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Working with Studio, Poplollies saw huge increases in visits and purchases from their new PPC campaign.


Targeting primarily mothers and grandmothers, Poplollies Boutique is a bright and colorful whimsical brand that sells bubblegum beads and all of the essentials to make popular bubblegum necklaces.

The Challenge

A leading challenge of an online beading retailer is overcoming traditional shopping patterns of users visiting and browsing multiple websites before making a purchase. Family-owned and experienced. Poplollies Boutique engaged Studio to begin more effectively and strategically engaging and converting their target audience on their online store.

Our Approach

We implemented a PPC campaign to:

  • Increase brand awareness by leveraging Poplollies Boutique’s brand presence and its vast product selection.
  • Utilize the emotional aspects of jewelry making and its unique value proposition to focus on advertising efforts and increase advertising real estate.
  • Continuously assess user behavior and test multiple areas of performance in order to identify ideal methods to communicate and engage target audiences. Create ongoing growth and mitigate the risk of seasonality fluctuation.


  • +139% Increase in Revenue from PPC
  • +1,265% Increase in PPC Clicks
  • 35% of Total Revenue from PPC