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Our most successful Google Ads client yet – after only one month, we achieved a 153% increase in purchases from Google Ads with 65% less ad spend.

The Challenge

Vespa Adventures had begun investing in Google Ads at the beginning of 2018.

They were spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads each quarter, yet they never knew if they were getting a return on ad spend.


They knew they needed to be running Google Ads, because their competitors were, yet they had no idea how to do it.

Because of this lack of experience, they were tracking conflicting conversion actions, adding competing keywords within the same campaigns, and much more.

This was the most disorganized Google Ads account we had ever seen.

But, Omega is never one to back down from a challenge.

See what Vespa Adventures’ Google Ads account looks like today by reading below.

The Solution

We set Vespa Adventures up with a subscription to our ADVERTISE – ESSENTIAL – GOOGLE service and got to work on the first step – a historical performance review.

After untangling the confusing web of conversions and keywords, we found the biggest problem.

Vespa Adventures was tracking conversion actions that were not even purchases.

This was bad because they were also using automated bid strategies.

So, they were optimizing their campaigns around conversions that held no value for their business.

What did we do to fix this?

We identified the one conversion action that held a monetary value.

Then, we deleted all the other conversion actions.

This is how we optimized the account to focus only on the one conversion action that mattered – a sale.

Next, we took a look at the keywords and ads in their past campaigns.

This didn’t help much since there was no rhyme or reason to their keyword strategy.

It got worse:

There wasn’t any split-testing of their ads.

There wasn’t even any audience or demographic targeting!

Notice the lack of a naming scheme, among many other problems.

So, what were we supposed to do with this mess?

With a Google Ads account as unorganized as this, we knew it was best to start from scratch.

After we worked our magic, this is what the account looked like:

Nice and neat.

We chose to create only Search ads, due to Vespa Adventures’ limited budget and desire for sales.

These campaigns now had a standardized naming scheme, were segmented by location, and then further segmented by keyword.

Each campaign contained only one keyword.

This allowed us to create ads that were hyper-targeted and thus, performed much better.

You can see just how much better by reading the results below.

The Results

After only one month, we achieved a 153% increase in purchases from Google Ads with 65% less ad spend.

Are you having trouble with the performance of your brand’s Google Ads account?

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