30 Years of Pan-Pek

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We created the logotype for the 30th anniversary of the company Pan-Pek.

The Challenge

Pan-Pek, one of the three largest bakery chains in Croatia, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022.

For that purpose, it was necessary to design a logotype marking the occasion to be used as a leitmotiv on all company’s visuals, shops, retail, wholesale and other materials/channels throughout the year.

The logotype was not only meant to be applied on the existing visuals and the primary logotype, but was also meant to function independently as a key visual of the 30th anniversary campaign.

The request was to design a simple, refined and simplified logotype. It was to be sophisticated, yet powerful and noticeable. This logotype also presented the first step towards the future repositioning of the entire brand and the redesign of its shops.

The Solution

The process of designing a logotype and visual identity for a brand implies analyzing a huge amount of information about it. This includes clarifying the key for the creative process, developing a sense for the brand and feeling connected with it.

The smell of fresh pastry pervaded the offices of our division in the morning, which familiarized us with the brand in the most beautiful way and got our creative juices flowing.

Within this process, we created the concept of the logotype and the anniversary label as a pure and clear typographic element that complements the existing Pan-Pek logotype, thus creating a clear, visible and attractive visual unit. This unit, depending on the need, can be used in all promotional materials and standard applications, as well as an independent visual.

While designing the logotype, as well as the key visual, we bore in our minds the need for its stylistically and visually consistent application on shops regardless of their size, location and characteristics.

The sign itself was made in an avant-garde style leaning on the redesigned logotype of Pan-Pek, thus forming a stylized image of bread and, together with other elements, creating a compact visual unit.