4000% Increase in Organic Keyword Rankings in a Month

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The website has brought the fastest SEO results we’ve seen in a while. Needless to say, this brought great CTR and conversions.

The Challenge

The main problem for AGM was the outdated website. The client was in dire need of a site overhaul. The goal, of course, was to attract more customers and gain their trust. AGM has a long list of competitors with strong digital marketing features and well-developed websites, and the business was losing customers because the competition was doing a better job in digital marketing.



Research of the main competitors pointed out their flaws, and the market research pointed out growth opportunities. So, we constructed an amazing strategy for an SEO-friendly website. The strategy included thorough keyword research by topic, website UX design following best practices, and exceptional SEO content creation for all main pages.

The golden opportunity here was that the majority of the competition wasn’t covering the whole topic. Each competitor was covering just bits and pieces which were in their niche the most.

The new website was layered to cover everything. In fact, this is why the website has brought the fastest SEO results we’ve seen in a while – a whopping 4000% increase in organic keyword rankings in just a month!

Needless to say, this brought great CTR and conversions.

The Process

  • We created a list of questions for the client
  • The answers provided some much-needed insight into how the company worked
  • We created Marketing Strategy which was tailored to result in a greatly optimized website

We put the plan into work, starting from step 1

  • Step 1: Keyword research (extensive list of keywords covering 90% of the targeted topic.
  • Step 2: Website layout design (UX friendly design that was easy to navigate and read.
  • Step 3: Content creation (Based on the keyword research. Every page took it’s place in the topic hierarchy on the page)
  • Step 4: Website speed and image optimizations (Load times, image weight, code optimizations)
  • Step 5: Website launch.


The marketing strategy used for creating the well-optimized website was supported by a thorough competitor and industry research, as well as SEO research. The site was created with over 30 pages, structured according to the topic and how they are connected with each other, as well as each targeting specific main keywords and LSI variants of those keywords. This well-planned process gave excellent results, considering the fact that the website visibility was extremely low prior to our work.

From 0 pre-launch to 1154 organic clicks on the website in a month. Due to the extremely low organic visibility of the page prior to our work, it had 0-10 organic clicks per month. After the work was done and the website was launched, there was an enormous increase in organic traffic, reaching 1154 clicks in the first month.

From 8 pre-overhaul to 300+ organic keywords in just 2 months (4000% increase). The website’s design wasn’t optimal, and it was a duplicate copy of another domain the client was using in parallel to the one we’ve worked on. We based the whole website following SEO best practices. Additionally, the keywords were structured to encompass above 90% of the target topic, something that was an advantage for the client, because the competitors were targeting only 20-50%.

With an awesome website come excellent results. The client saw a conversion rate of 2.69% in the first month, which is great because the average conversion rates without remarketing are around 2%. We’ve set-up tracking for every button on the website to compile the data of which performed the best, and which didn’t were subject to optimization – repositioning, text changes, and color changes.

Additionally, we were tracking organic CTR for each individual page and optimizing meta tags for pages with poor performance.