65% Reduction in CPL & 62% Growth in Organic Traffic

Zoom Digital
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Zoom Digital helped Eat Catering to rank at the top of the google with most competitive keywords and achieve optimal CPL.

Client Background

EAT Catering Dubai is a bespoke catering and events company that best tailors to all your needs to ensure that you are offered a worthwhile personal and professional service. Eat Catering services offer everything from interactive live cooking for personal parties, kids’ birthdays, office/private events, standard big-scale organized events; to offer a wide variety of different set-ups depending on the client’s event. From high-quality pass-around canapés to a mouth-watering seven-course private dinner, they take care of all furniture, decorations, set up, cleaning, along with entertainment to ensure your event is a perfectly enjoyable occasion for everyone.

The Challenge

SEO, social media, web development & maintenance has been a key part of Zoom EAT Catering Dubai’s digital marketing strategy, and they wanted a partner they could trust to deliver exceedingly amazing results.

After EAT Catering Dubai partnered with Zoom Digital, we expanded their digital presence with SEO, and helped them implement new strategies like social media marketing to drive even more online revenue.

Our Role

During the first 30 days, we corrected their online listings on sites and created a new menu format, and converted that into a digital format so that we could expand their keyword cloud exponentially. Next, we developed a website and merely focused on refining their content strategy by virtue of creating new landing pages targeting the Dubai market and a series of weekly blogs featuring recent success stories. In SEO strategy we used a combination of thought leadership, influencer, as well as earned media features to build the brand. We put together a robust digital strategy.

Our team then created a marketing funnel targeting audiences interested in food and throwing events; trying out different food within the area. We were able to achieve 1100 plus good quality leads within five months. Radius targeting was done and our ads targeted specific genres of people. Our digital specialist team fixed on audience personas and performed meticulous keyword planning. Appealing content was pushed on Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Win-win Results

Since partnering with Zoom Digital, Eat Catering sees most website visitors coming from organic search, and they’ve increased conversions and order submissions. With our web maintenance, they’ve been maximizing their marketing spend. Working with us, they’ve seen a significant increase in organic sessions.


  • Targeted keywords improved significantly in a month
  • 62% organic traffic growth
  • 1100+ leads count
  • 65% reduction in CPL
  • Impressions increased from 4000 to 12000
  • Clicks increased from 30 to 200
  • 43% Search engine visibility increased
  • 30% month on month increase in social media performance
  • Website speed optimized to an optimal level
  • Website maintenance task turnover in 24 hours