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The A-Listr team partnered with CemtrexLabs to revolutionize the way companies interact with social media platforms.



Disciplines Used

Digital Intelligence + Strategy, User Experience Design, Web Engineering, Mobile Engineering and LiveOps

Services Provided

Analytics and Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Analytics + Reporting, Product and Experience Analysis + Optimization, Consumer Insights, Pilot Experimentation

Project Details

When George came to us with a new way of engaging companies in social media training, the CemtrexLabs team got to work by using the best experimental approaches for his needs. We firstly kicked off our project by speaking with George on a weekly basis to outline how he wanted his MVP to be configured.

We initiated engagement by testing the viability of a challenge based social media dashboard platform by understanding the assumed demographic through market research probing. Weeks of market research and narrowing of the presumed market were commenced. We used a variety of outreach methods to further test experimental results by reaching out to social media training consultants/consultancies to survey their needs and struggles in relation to social media education.

Upon completing the requirements, we began to develop initial branding and landing pages to conclude A-Listr’s first application pilot. As a result of the completion of the final MVP, CemtrexLabs defined A-Listr’s consumer market, the assumptions about the market and defined the steps to validate the discovered assumptions.