A Real-Time Vehicle Tracking & Reporting Solution

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iWayTrack is a Central Government innovation award-winning SME startup and has been in this business for 4+ years.

Problem Statement

  • In the past, they worked with 2 development companies but were not satisfied with the result they got.
  • iWayTrack could not track their vehicles and get important notifications & reports when required.
  • They were expecting more in terms of efficiency & extensibility.
  • Their system would break-down while fetching information from 100 devices & they wanted a system that could connect at least 10,000 devices at one time.
  • They wanted a bug free solution that would be easy to scale.

Solutions We Offered

In their discussion with us, they put forward all their requirements for Live tracking. They wanted software that would be able to provide them with a real-time solution to enhance the visibility of their fleet assets, ensure driver safety and also help to reduce the fuel & maintenance cost.

  • We redesigned the base architectures.
  • We developed C++ based TCP listener supporting thousands of concurrent connection.
  • We defined and developed a Python-based algorithm that would process the device information in no time.
  • Implemented Vue.js on frontend side and increased the data rendering experience.

High-Level Features

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management, School bus Tracking, Taxi & Cabs Management, Personal Vehicle Tracking

Alert-Based Notification

Route Deviation, Overspeed, Lost Connection, Unauthorised AC usage, Restricted Route

Multiple Activity Report Generation

Stoppage, KM Summary, Route Playback, Trip Summary

Multiple Device Accessibility

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Challenges We Faced

To develop an IoT solution for LIVE tracking of at least 10,000 devices at a time and get alerts and notifications when required. The various challenges faced by our developers while developing the solution were:

  • Designing the architecture in such a way that cost per 1000 device reduces.
  • Google being expensive for asset mapping, for us to find an alternative for mapping, geocoding & reverse geocoding was a big challenge.
  • Third-party Integration was another challenge for the team for Real-time Location Sharing & Live-Tracking.
  • Handling Large size data through the current system was a challenge.
  • Seamless Integration between all subsystems.