A Site That Encourages Body Confidence

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Pepper empowers women to feel extra special, supremely confident, and proud of their small boobs.

Pepper empowers women to feel extra special, supremely confident, and proud of their small boobs. Find out how CraftBerry helped this body-positive brand thrive on the Shopify platform and ensured its tech stack could handle explosive growth without hiccups.

Bespoke Shopify Plus build

Pepper was growing at a fast pace in 2020, and just then, in Q3, they approached us to partner up and build their new Shopify Plus store – one that reflects their evolved brand look. Having worked with Pepper before, we gladly accepted the offer and rolled up our sleeves.

There were plentiful challenges in building a Shopify Plus store from scratch.

Even so, we utilized our extensive Shopify development knowledge. Two months later, Pepper’s brand new website was live.

A blazing-fast cart experience

The cart is a vital part of the e-commerce customer journey. Therefore, any glitches, delays, and confusion can result in losing the purchase and the customer might never come back. We knew Pepper’s cart needed to be impeccable.

We built a cart drawer that is dynamic, fast, and clear. With a heavy focus on optimization and extensive quality assurance, Pepper’s cart can now handle a high volume of orders and eliminate the friction points in the customer journey to checking out.

Accessibility and ADA compliance

The web should be accessible by everyone regardless of the position and situation of the users, though most websites are not easy to access by disabled customers.

Making your website accessible is not only the ethical thing to do but the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that companies selling in the USA follow certain accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

By partnering with Deque, one of the highest-rated and fully-trusted accessibility experts, we made sure that Pepper’s website became accessible to everyone and complied with accessibility guidelines.