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Let’s face it, a lot of us are unsure how to spell certain words. But what if there was a way to make learning grammar fun and easy?

Grammar! = fun. Or maybe?

The idea

Here’s a little trivia for you. An average user unlocks his phone 50 times a day. The idea was to pair it with something useful!

If you are going to text someone, you might as well write it correctly.

A1 Lappsus is an app that helps you improve your knowledge of Croatian grammar. Want to unlock your phone? Sure, but answer a grammar question first! And if you answer correctly, you get free data.


The solution was to create a native Android app for our client A1 together with Bruketa&Zinic&Grey marketing agency. Based on their concept and UX/UI design, we provided consulting and developed a mobile app for the Android platform.

The primary target was young users, age 9 to 12 who needed it the most – both free MBs and grammar lessons. And the project had to be done fast.

We developed a React Native Android app that asks a grammar question after every third unlock. And if you are an A1 prepaid user, every correct answer wins you one free MB. This could easily be the most simple app to teach kids how to spell.


In just 3 weeks, we tested and developed a native app with not-so-everyday functionalities. The project was one of the most successful app launches in Croatia in 2019. Since the launch almost 100 000 users answered 50 million grammar questions. The app was opened more than 6.3 million times with an average session of 1:07 min.

But the project had a greater value than just pure numbers. What we made is a unique new interactive learning tool for the user and new communication and sales tool for the client.

It won an Effie Award as Best on Market in Telecommunication and IAB Mixx award for Best Mobile App.

We also have a short clip about it: