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Website and marketing campaign created to help AARP achieve change in Illinois.

About This Project

AARP is a US-based non-profit interest group whose purpose is to help empower the aging American population by means of advocating for social change through information, advocacy, service, and lobbying activities.


AARP Illinois tasked Comrade with designing a website that would help them drive IL residents to engage elected representatives as means of holding them accountable for drafting a sensible state budget. With this, CWA would help AARP develop what would become known as the “Enough Is Enough” campaign. The goal was to create tools to enable residents to add their own stories and opinions on the crucial topic of state budgeting and its adverse effects on the elderly population.


CWA created an easy-to-use website that lets users find appropriate information and get involved. Users can subscribe to a newsletter, browse through and submit stories, discover facts and statistics regarding the state of IL, and stay up-to-date on current news regarding the budgeting crisis. Finally, the website guides the user toward action and engagement, including sharing content through social media.

Visit the website here: https://enoughisenough.aarp.org/