Acsel Lead Generation

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About the Client

ACSEL is a powerhouse of 20 professional consultants, management specialists, training managers, consultants, and psychologists with combined expertise of over 15 years in their respective professions and over 20,000+ clients. They approach us for generating leads for their business.


Acsel wanted a means to bring in consistent visitors to their website, create social media presence and branding. Davzon was tasked with developing a strategy that would attract new visitors to Acsel’s website and increase brand awareness. Through social media and LinkedIn.


The challenge was to fully understand the business and the client’s needs. Another challenge was getting business leads for clients from social media as it is a B2B company.

Let’s read how Davzon, as a digital marketing company, helped Acsel in branding and marketing and get an online presence

A digital presence is significant for any product and brand to connect with its target client. As a digital marketing firm, we designed strategies for Acsel:

  • Create social media presence on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram
  • On-page & off-page
  • Linkedin Outreach
  • Portfolio Designing for Brand visibility

Social Media Presence

Acsel wanted to promote its services like a start-up, growth program and solution program for entrepreneurs. They wanted us to create interactive & engagement content for the social media platform. Every month creative designers, content writers,  and social media executives brainstorm to come up with a winning strategy that would encourage people to participate in large numbers. Every month with different engaging content, we post on social media for them, improving new website visitors.

On-page & Off-page SEO

Acsel sought the help of Davzon to create an effective SEO strategy that would increase their visibility, organic traffic, and brand awareness on Google. Our team began working on on-page & off-page SEO. We conducted in-depth research on high search volume keywords so that we could strategically use them on the landing pages to boost the ranking of their site. Moreover, HTML structure and Google My Business were optimized to improve the organic visibility and traffic of the website. Relevant changes were implemented to make the website mobile-friendly. Our team also did various submissions in order to increase DA & PA of their website. We wrote optimized content for their Home page, Service pages & Industry page.

Linkedin Outreach

Acsel requires the leads for their business. Especially for their start-up program. So we planned to get the leads from Linkedin. We planned a Linkedin outreach for Acsel as it is a B2B business. We just started to join some of the business groups on Linkedin which relate to Acsel. We also created a sales script for them & started sending it to the clients. We found some of the leads on Linkedin and sent a connection request to the prospects first. And we started sending promotional messages from Acsel’s account. We followed up with prospects by sending three follow-up messages. And then, we connected the interested leads with Acsel. We arranged a zoom 1:1 call between the client and the company.

Portfolio Designing for Brand

Our team has created a portfolio of the company’s work. Every page is designed in an infographic presentation. Clients’ testimonials were also added to showcase their work. Our design team designs images with their brand color. All services pages are also included with their expertise in their field.


We did a lot to help Acsel create a strong presence on social media and redesign the website. They got what they expected when they contacted us. We gave them excellent results as much as we could.