Adapting the ICDHS12 Conference Website for an International Audience

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We created a web solution for the 12th International Committee for Design History and Design Studies Conference, which improved the quality of the event’s communications.


The International Committee for Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS) was founded by a group of international scholars in 1999 where the first ICDHS conference in Barcelona was held. Since then, the biannual Conference is organized at different venues across the world.

The Goal

The main goal of the conference is to highlight original research activities, achievements, and agendas in the fields of Design History and Design Studies and to offer a speaking platform to many scientific communities.

ICDHS 12th edition will be held in Zagreb in 2020. The organizing committee offered our company the opportunity to create and develop a simple yet fully functional conference website that provided clear and updated notifications to its participants. Each conference edition so far was presented via a standardized website differentiating only by content.

The Solution

Combing an iterative project approach with great client communication, we managed to create a contemporary solution and true online community. The website acts as a one-stop information hub for participants, it is very flexible and it offers the possibility of collaboration evoking a great sense of value and confidence.

This project was a great opportunity for an agile management approach that enables fast product development and allows for real-time responses to client demands aiming for the satisfaction of end-users.

The solution works as a digital conference catalog allowing the site owner continuous content adaptation which gives end users valuable and precise data with a website homepage as a key element that informs participants about the actual stage of conference organization.

The prime concept – simplicity and clarity – is accomplished by using only typography and negative space, while all additional elements have been explicitly excluded. Using exclusively primal colors from the logo as accent ones and black as a content color made this solution clear and simple. A combination of two typographs and font sizes differentiates content importance.

This simple solution didn’t compromise the full functionality of the website – it is fully responsive with clear navigation via a hamburger menu and CTA element for the subscription.

The central theme of the Zagreb Conference is “LESSONS TO LEARN?” – discussing past design experiences and contemporary design practices. Best practices and elements of contemporary design were the key elements of the project. The result is a unique conference web site that represents great visual and structural progress still retaining important functional elements of previous versions.