AddBank – Hyper Personalization Banking , Challenger Card & Market Data Analytics

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Hyper personalization banking that delivers AI-driven smart customer experiences to retail banking users based on their life events in real-time

AddBank is a cloud-based hyper-personalization banking platform that delivers AI-driven smart banking experiences to retail banking customers based on their life needs in real-time

We leverage AI to UNDERSTAND customer life needs and help banks to know what their customers need at the moment when they need it

Using the widest range of data sources we IDENTIFY opportunities for potential interaction with customers in real-time using their Data Universe & create pre-packaged financial insights

And ENGAGE with customers through data-driven AI-powered smart customer experiences in real-time, instantly reusable by any bank to better their customers’ financial life while growing their share of wallet.

What was the customer looking for?

  1. A machine learning-based hyper-personalization platform that delivered personalized, relevant and contextual smart customer experiences to users of the app.
  2. AddBank wanted to leverage the power of Open Banking/PSD2 to provide consolidated AI-driven smart banking experiences across multiple bank accounts through powerful PFM in-app features
  3. Frictionless integration. Can be connected with Any CSV data, Core Banking APIs, CRMs, and mobile banking apps to extract non-traditional data and multiple other digital engagement channels that your bank has. Consumers start getting the curated smart customer experiences.

Our Approach

  1. Defining the accurate AI-strategy
  2. Implementing the platform using a cloud-first strategy
  3. We used AI/ML to map out data relationships, finetune recommendations and predict the financial needs of each and every customer of AddBank.
  4. Comprehensively used natural language processing methods, implementation of neural networks, big data and several machine learning algorithms.


  1. The hyper-personalization banking platform leads to increased engagement, deeper loyalty and higher ROI.
  2. Powerful money management features.
  3. Make customer segmentation models more efficient.