ADINDEX Helps Online Car Wrap Store Increase Search Traffic by 923%

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How the website became a leader in its search niche, got a ↑ 923% (10 times) increase in the amount of search traffic and ↑ 360% in revenue

Location: Ukraine

Goal: Bring the car wrap store’s website to the TOP search results, increase the amount of organic search traffic

Result: The website became a leader in its search niche, got a ↑ 923% (10 times) increase in the amount of search traffic and a ↑ 360% increase in revenue


The website. Low level of technical organization of the project. The website had critical technical errors, which were a deterrent to promoting the company online. The main errors were the following.

Backlinks. The backlink profile wasn’t able to meet the competition with regard to quantitative and qualitative indicators. Search robots treated referring link juice as unnatural as most of the referring domains belonged to the *.ru domain zone.

Search traffic. No growth through the Organic Search channel, and a prolonged decrease in search traffic.


Using the results of a comprehensive website audit as well as the analysis of the nice and the competitors, ADINDEX developed an SEO promotion strategy that involved the following tasks:

  1. In order to see quick results from link building, the decision was made to promote the website for three business-related groups of queries with the most potential for growth in search traffic. Promoting the website to the TOP 10 search results for these queries would help increase the amount of search traffic in a relatively short period of time. While the traffic for the key search terms grows, the online visibility of nested subcategories would gradually improve as well.
  2. Elimination of critical website errors that impede the effective development of the project.
  3. Creating a quality competitive backlink profile.


The project work was carried out in several stages. At each stage, multiple tasks were solved. Among them:

  • elimination of critical (and not critical) technical errors on the website;
  • improvement of the website’s usability;
  • implementation of HTTPS for all pages of the website;
  • updating metadata on all pages of the website;
  • improving the website’s loading speed;
  • expansion and optimization of the website’s structure;
  • updating content on all important (most visited) pages of the website;
  • content marketing using blog posts;
  • creating and posting PR content to external sources;
  • buying backlinks.


Stage 1 (December 2016 — May 2017). Technical and on-site search optimization of the website produced the first positive results. When comparing the website’s ranking positions at the start and upon completion of the optimization works, reports show a twofold increase.

The amount of search traffic has increased 5 times while the number of sessions increased by 67% compared to the previous period.

The graph below demonstrates the changes in average ranking positions of the website in Google search results over the 6-month period.

Stage 2 (June 2017 — November 2017). The repeat technical audit of the website proved that all the website’s pages unneeded from the marketing point of view were blocked from indexing, all redirects were configured correctly, etc.

The website site loading speed has more than doubled.

The company activated processes for blog content creation and content marketing through blog posts. This resulted in a significant increase in search traffic compared to the previous period.

The website got into the TOP 10 of the search results for the promoted search terms.

The number of sessions generated through Organic Search has increased by 11% compared to the previous period.

Stage 3 (December 2017 — May 2018). Thanks to the elaboration and improvement of the website’s content (in particular, the “Blog” section), the website’s average position in Google search results rose from 50 to 18.

The increase in search ranking positions over the period of December 2017 to September 2018.

The amount of search traffic increased by 58% compared to the previous period.

The website’s ranking positions for the chosen search terms got close to the TOP 3 search results.