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Adoptimizer is an excellent platform for optimizing advertising campaigns. It operates automatically 24/7, providing entirely accurate reports.

About the Client

Our client is a company that works in the field of digital advertising campaigns from planning to management and their optimization. Regardless of the level of the advertising campaign of the client. Such a company provides a full range of recommendations and the best service in performance, branding, social media, and SEO. The company does not just install and forget about the client’s campaign but ensures that the advertisement will work well every day.

The Solution

Adoptimizer is an application created to solve the problem of optimizing banner advertising for a number of industries and companies. Thanks to the app, all the banners that belong to entirely different companies that have advertised on the Internet, fall into one database. There you can precisely track the conversion and get analytical data for all advertising campaigns, and, accordingly, the industries. In this case, it is possible to promptly inform the client about the effectiveness of advertising and make the appropriate decision on time.


The primary goal of Adoptimizer is the filtering of non-profitable advertising and the possibility of its automatic shutdown, thanks to a number of settings in the application. For a company that, for example, has thousands of campaigns in its task list, it is possible to exclude any analytical reports and save time in two or even three times. Adoptimizer will do everything itself, without outside help. Moreover, with automatic disconnection of a banner with a weak or missing conversion, it is possible to release the advertising space quickly, thereby saving your budget – redirecting it to more profitable advertising campaigns.

Adoptimizer integrates with the flow of third-party traffic sources, user accounts and APIs for manipulating content, such as placing banners, stopping or launching ads and their groups.

The trackers can be used for every traffic source using API as well. It makes it possible to generate detailed reporting for each advertising campaign. It checks the uniqueness of users and all their real activity on the sites, cutting off bots, ignores the double clicks, thus correctly displaying the conversion for the advertising campaign.