Advanced Google Adwords – Dynamic Search Ads For DOMO

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Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) is the best way to manage campaigns for online stores and it’s the perfect solution to your challenge.

If you have an online store with hundreds or maybe thousands of products, with stocks and offers that change frequently, you may know how much time it takes to manually make ad groups, keywords and text ads for each particular product. You may also know one more thing: people with a high purchasing intention will do specific searches on Google, for the product they want, so you will need long-tail keywords in campaigns.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) is the best way to manage campaigns for online stores and it’s the perfect solution to your challenge.

What is DSA and how does it work?

Dynamic Search Ads are dynamically generated and they link a user’s search on Google to the content of your website.

These ads are automatically generated, you do not need to choose a keyword list. The ad will be displayed for searches considered relevant by Google.

An example:

If you have an online bookstore and you have set up Dynamic Search Ads, the ads in this campaign will be displayed for a wide range of searches related to the content of your website: “cheap books”, “online bookstore”, “online book offer”, “Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood”, “Game of Thrones books on discount” etc.

The Advantages of Using Dynamic Search Ads

  • High relevance for the user: the user sees an ad for exactly what he was looking for, which means that the conversion rates will be higher.
  • You show ads for a variety of relevant searches
  • You show ads for highly specific searches (such as product code, full product name or product name, and technical specifications) which will bring you more sales at a small purchase cost.
  • The system no longer displays ads if the products are no longer on the website. You will save money spent on displaying ads for products that are not in stock.
  • You can see exactly which keywords brought you sales and you can exclude irrelevant keywords (you choose not to appear in certain irrelevant searches).
  • You can discover new opportunities to advertise your store: you can discover new keywords that bring you lots of customers at good costs and that you might not have thought of adding manually in your Search campaign.
    This becomes extremely useful especially when managing campaigns in other countries whose local language you do not know perfectly. You can discover synonyms or other ways in which people name your products/services.

The Challenges of Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

The dynamic nature of these types of ads, however, comes with a number of challenges. The campaign is more “demanding” and more difficult to optimize ad performance. You can not control 100% what type of message is displayed on which search.

Thus, if you do not constantly monitor it, you may discover that you are appearing for searches that are too general or for searches that do not express purchase intent.

To return to the example with the online book store, a general search for “game of thrones” can also refer to the TV series, the game, and not necessarily express an intention to buy books.

Here are some of the challenges of optimizing a dynamic search campaign:

  • The structure of the URLs, the page title and the categories on the website must be optimized in order for the DSA ads to display correctly (there must be consistency between the website and the campaign).
  • The DSA campaign needs to be updated regularly with a broader portfolio of negative keywords to reduce costs and increase conversion rates.
  • An incorrect Ad Target setting may result in an incorrect display or campaign malfunction.
  • There must be as many categories of products on the website as possible, which should be closer to the searches carried out by users.
  • Dynamic Search Ads campaigns must be constantly optimized for long periods of time, and the best results come after a few months of activity (during which time they gather history).

Dynamic Search Ads for DOMO – a Home Appliances e-store

Here is an example of how Dynamic Search Ads campaigns work and how to display relevant search ads.

Step 1 – We Search On Google For…

… “Samsung rs61781gdsl“ (a specific search for a particular product: a fridge from Samsung).

Step 2 – We Can See On Google Search…

… the DOMO ad, from the Dynamic Search Ads campaign, that shows us what we are looking for.

Step 3 – Clicking On The Ad We Get To…

… a landing page that shows us exactly the product we are looking for.

See in the table (banner): shows the evolution over the course of 9 months of Dynamic Search Ads campaigns from the account.

The blue line shows how the cost per conversion decreased more and more as the optimizations were made. The orange line shows how the sales volume increased in this campaign, without the need for a larger budget investment.

Throughout this period, the investment in the DSA campaign remained the same. We can observe a 6x decrease of the cost per conversion but also 2x more conversions.