AdvancedEPM Consulting’s Website Get Benchmarked and Gains a Competitive Edge

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About the Project:

AdvancedEPM’s site needed improvement from its previous iteration (aesthetic, site architecture), and needed an increase in user functionality.

Main Challenge(s):

Maxburst’s team had many issues with the original site design, varying between severely important and not as important. The more critical components of the site that had been neglected over time were the lack of a distinct communication channel between customers and the firm on their site, administrators had a difficult time controlling SEO elements, and the website displayed outdated and complex data.

Agency Solution(s):

Maxburst conducted an analysis of what the key functionalities of the site need to be, compared to what they were at the moment. A few key points that were distinguished and focused on were that images needed to be larger, text needed to be clear, easy to read, and concise, the site needed to be optimized to work on mobile, and a contract system needed to be created to facilitate contact between prospects and the firm.


The measured results show that the site increased its organic reach and is being shared more on social media. Some other notable results were that the site has more accurate analytical information, and has increased the conversion rate.