AI Recruiting Application

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End-to-end delivery of AI powered tool to help recruiters find top talent.

The Challenge

HireSphere sought to create an application that would help recruiters find top talent using the power of AI. They asked DAP to develop both the application and improve their web presence to attract recruiters and build a comprehensive user base.

Our Approach


DAP completed a full heuristic analysis of the current site experience, uncovering several issues with both the user experience and user interface design.

Recruiting Application

DAP worked with the HireSphere team to define their digital strategy and product roadmap, from proof of concept through public release.

Additionally, we led the life cycle development of the product, including front end development, back end development, and assistance with the machine learning algorithms that powered the candidate ranking engine.

The Results

DAP created custom designs across the entire user experience — on-time and under budget — while ensuring usability through comprehensive user testing and heuristic analysis by user experience architects.

We successfully launched the application, from proof of concept to beta, with validation by recruiters and corporations to ensure market fit.