Alaska Glacial Mud Digital Strategy

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MakeWebBetter helped Alaska Glacial Mud Site structure with web development optimization, SEO, Analytics setup, and eCommerce Tracking.

What Is the Company All About?

Founded in 2006, Alaska Glacial sustainably hand-harvests the pure glacial mud full of minerals from the vast Delta formed with Copper River. The minerals are deposited at the delta by the copper river flowing from the timeless glaciers at an impressive rate of 60-100 million tons annually.

These glaciers have grounded the remote mountains into an authentic mineral-rich powder supply that is supplied as the raw material to the manufacturing units of the glacier derived natural skincare and spa therapy products.

What Were the Challenges?

They started their journey in 2006 but were unable to take a step forward as their business growth graph was stagnant to the same scale from where they started. Lauren, the founder of the business, was confused about how to proceed out of this stagnant growth and take a charge.

The Solution

Digital Marketing Services from MakeWebBetter

How Do Digital Marketing Services Help Them to Achieve Their Sales, Marketing, and Business Goals?

Analyzed Website Structure: Optimizing site speed issues and structure resulted in better Average Page Time and reduced the bounce rate.

SEO Optimization: Competitor analysis, keyword research, site-ranking analysis, etc. helped their website to rank on search engines.

Google Analytics Setup: Created different events, segments to analyze the user engagement

eCommerce Tracking setup in Google Analytics helped Lauren to learn about her audiences’ behavior who convert after visiting the site.

How These Digital Marketing Services Improved Their Marketing Conversions?

According to Alaska Glacial Muds, they have witnessed great changes in their user behavior and the rate of engagement when compared to the “before service period”.

Now! With better market understanding, they can focus more on their efforts and results they achieve.