Almagea: The Revolution of a Nature-based Dietary Supplements Webshop

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Almagea wanted to convey details on products, purpose, natural ingredients, and benefits in the long run. A webshop that’s also educational? No problem!

Every now and then a client comes along with the need for a not-so-ordinary webshop. You guessed it, this was just such a client. Almagea defied the odds and worked its way into the industry of dietary supplements by using some truly innovative techniques and technology while focusing on clean ingredients. They wanted to convey detailed information on their products, purpose, natural ingredients, and benefits in the long run. That meant first educating consumers and business clients alike so sales could follow. A tricky task to pull off, which is exactly why their old website looked cluttered, confusing, and lacked proper user experience.

Discuss first, develop later

Our job is not to impress the client, but to solve their problems. We shared our first thoughts, directions and obstacles very early with the Almagea team. One client workshop, questionnaire and deep analysis later, we got to the bottom of things.

Back to the roots

Our approach seemed simple enough: untangle, rearrange & clean it all up. But the cleanup couldn’t be done by removing content (that would be too easy) – all the basic info had to stay. So how did we go about it? First, we hid it. Not entirely, of course, just anything irrelevant to the user at a particular moment. Instead of building complex navigation, we decided to showcase only what matters. Oversharing is rarely appropriate.

Block by block

After we defined the core sitemap and architecture, we made sure that some parts remain flexible. We used custom asymmetrical blocks that can be easily added and combined – no coding needed.

At last, we had to give the site a new face and a fresh tone of voice. Wrote some witty yet informative copy. Explored many visual directions with mood boards. What we came up with evolved significantly throughout the process – the final version is subtle, natural, and as light as air.

To supplement the story

The home page and main navigation became very simple, showcasing the main products. Each product got its chance to shine, with detailed information and a decluttered look and feel. You can almost hear the site is breathing (or is it just us?). Navigation for B2B communication now only appears on the About us page, making it easier for both user groups to navigate and to buy different products.